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Thursday, November 13, 2008

AN EXTRAORDINARILY DISTURBING PREDICTION from Kabbalists... , and information from a well-placed lawyer in Washington. BOTH OPINIONS CONVERGE. Beware!

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Refugees in Pajamas

"Those who don't come to Israel while they still can may be lucky to escape from the USA with a plastic bag  and a pair of pajamas." Rabbi Shalom Arush made this devastating statement in his public lecture in Hebrew several hours ago. His source is impeccable - 2 of the leading Kabbalists of this generation, whose previous predictions have been right on target. Rabbi Shalom is neither partisan nor does he care about politics, whether in Israel or overseas. Yet, he said, "The near eighty percent of America's Jews who voted for Obama will soon be called upon to suffer the consequence of their choice." What consequence?

Some folks are saying that Obama seeks the rapid destruction of Israel. Obama himself told David Brooks of the New York Times that Hamas and Hezbollah have legitimate claims.  As it is, America's liberals and skinheads have joined forces in blaming the Jews for US involvement in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Why did Obama receive such a warm congratulations letter from Iran's Achmedinejad, who swears to destroy Israel?

The American economy is so bad, and so much new money with no backing is being printed, that the gross national product soon won't be enough to pay for the mere interest that America owes its creditors. Suddenly, the young people of the USA will wake up from their slumber of fun and games to realize that the country has not only mortgaged their future, but the future of their great grand children and the unborn generations for years to come. With mounting unemployment and rioting in the streets, who'll take the blame? The Jews, of course!

Don't be fooled by a few Uncle-Tom Jews in the Obama crew. The Judenrat - entrusted of filling the daily cattle-car quotas destined for the death camps - was also staffed by Jews. I especially don't trust a Jew with a foul mouth.

If you're smart, you'll start phasing out your assets in the USA and buying property in Israel. And if you're even smarter, you'll start thinking really seriously about coming home. Soon, the choice won't be yours. It's not too nice to escape as a refugee in the middle of the night with nothing more than your pajamas and a plastic bag. Lot also barely escaped Sodom - he didn't even have a chance to pack a toothbrush.

I don't like messianic speculation, but more and more of this generation's spiritual leaders are saying that Moshiach is fast on the way. Don't miss the train.




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Thanks to both bill and ET

this is from a lady-lawyer-friend with offices in Wash DC & NYC...................ET

This is from my niece in RI.    She is very much into Republican Politics - things she is finding are scary.
What you won't find on the Mainstream Media.  5 trillion dollars is now what the Government has gotten into debt with all of these bailouts.  Please start building your pantry with canned goods.   Obama has been speaking with Hamas since last February.
He fired Robert Malley who broke the story within his campaign.  Obama denied he had formal role in campaign.   Now this person is back onto his staff.  A newspaper broke a story in that area saying that Obama had a secret meeting with them.  Obama asked them to keep quite until after the election.   It was said on talk radio Quinn and Rose.  I came home to find out info it was hard to find on Yahoo.  . 
go to  conservative ideas are better than liberal ideas this is a nightmare!!!  Tax and spend is causing this state and this country to fall apart.
I will be sending a list out of email addresses and/or addresses to send to congress and your state reps. We all need to do what we can to stop this.  Listen to talk radio and watch Fox News you will not get the truth on MSNBC, NBC, ABC CBS. 
"Entrepreneurs and their small
enterprises are responsible for
almost all the economic growth
of the United States of America!"
                --Ronald Reagan
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