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Wednesday, November 12, 2008



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by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Through incitement and provocation, the present Government of Israel has deliberately incited part of her population to revolt. At the same time, this non-Government has incited another part of the Israeli population to hate and attack those citizens being dispossessed of their rights, property - civilians who have had their lives put in great danger.

Whatever mandate this government thinks it may have had to rule, based upon pre-election promises has been squandered away with a cold and calculating policy of "Dispossession".

This exceedingly corrupt assemblage of politicians within the Kadima Party have made a mockery of any law or rights of her citizens. They have corrupted an already biased Court system. They have exercised control and influenced the office of Israel's Attorney General and have enlisted officers of the both the Army and the Police to attack and dispossess her citizens of their rights and property.

They use the methods of a provocateur to cause the citizens to protest and resist, thus allowing unconventional arrests, destruction of homes and beatings of the unarmed civilian protestors. Clearly, such a government follows the well-known path and techniques used by dictatorships, with tyrants giving orders much the same as a radical King or Conqueror.

The Jewish nation of Israel and her citizens have every right - even an inalienable duty - to revolt, having been deliberately incited and provoked into her citizens' resistance to tyranny.

The rule of law is no longer relevant to this government as they create new laws to support their misuse of office. Where there is no justice, there is a no High Court of Justice.

This government uses the once admired Secret Services, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and Police to act on government orders to harass, expel and dispossess legal citizens whom they call "dangerous" to the State because they protest illegal and immoral government policy.

Acting like a gang of thugs, this government has become a Democratic Dictatorship. The word "Democratic" is merely cover in a cynical attempt to legitimize what has become a rolling "coup d'etat" designed to control all the citizens of Israel through incitement, provocation and other forms of corruption. Demanding silence and obedience are their credo or M.O. (Modus Operandi), followed by threats, then arrests and dispossession of citizens' legal property.

We have all seen this sort of progression of latent Dictatorship. Like a latent cancer, it awakens itself to spread and grow aggressive until it is likely to kill the victims that it feeds on. We have seen such horrors over time in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist Cuba, Nuclear North Korea, Egypt, Syria, Nuclear Iran, across Africa.... Self-declared Dictators always wish to control the people and often get exceedingly rich by bleeding their own people through taxes or simply confiscations.

The Olmert Kadima Party became the magnet for some of the most corrupt politicians the nation has ever produced. Even those who claim to be "clean" knew very well the corruption and criminal enterprise of these fellow Kadimites. They knew and stayed.

One can only be reminded of the time just before Sodom was destroyed for its licentious evil and corruptions. Regrettably, the people overall will share the pain because they elected the same scoundrels again and again, knowing full well they carried the stigma of thievery, corruption and a vicious evil nature.

Hopefully, the wiser among them will see that the Government, at all levels, has left its position of responsibilities. The people must act to banish this Government, the shameful Courts and bring to a real and honest trial all those who carried out orders to harm the people.

Recall that many nations borrowed evolved law from Torah and built their judicial system on this wisdom. But, the government of Israel has revised the process and borrowed new laws which are practiced by dictatorships, both in Christian Europe and the 57 nations of Islam.

Israel is no longer governed by leaders who speak or govern in the name of her people. Ethical people should rise up and take back the Government, her Courts, her Police and her Army for re-education in Democracy for a free people.


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