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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Re: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND TIMELY INFORMATION: don't think that with this election behind us, all is nice and dandy: IF OBAMA GETS DECERTIFIED DECEMBER 1ST, AND 13TH, BE PREPARED FOR MAJOR RIOTS AND POSSIBLY.... see below

Who knows? Time will tell. Very delicate , dangerous times for US Jews and all our non-Jewish friends in the US.  DS

SHmuel wrote:
An important milestone.
Mr. Obama has three weeks to deliver the Certificate. 
I cannot understand why he has not done so already since it is a very simple process. Every born US Citizen has one and Naturalized Citizens as well.
And if he does not, the outcome is quite simple.
If there are delay tactics by him the eventual outcome will not be much different. But far more damaging.
Should the Certificate prove not available. Would the Electoral College make Mr. McCain the next President or annul the election?

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