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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Re: So, fellow Israelis, what do we do now??????

bill replied:
Just as in the time of Haman, we are threatened with extermination. The solution is the same--Pray to our Heavenly father to rescue us, and He will!
While Carl (the missionary!) answered:
You can do nothing.  As are those who released this article, so is Ahmadinejad, his government, and the Israeli government subject (to) the Jesuit General's orders.  Just pray that you and your countrymen will be in the right relationship with the Messiah when He comes.
DS adds:
I prefer to turn to God. The Mashiach will take care of himself, when he comes. We just have to be worthy of his coming NOW, and not "BE'ITA". Lots of Teshuva to do, and so little time!
... And , we could also say: to hell with the jesuit general. Let him rot in hell, he and all his minions . Pharaoh also thought he was stronger than God. At the end, he was NOTHING! Humiliated, destroyed, defeated. It can happen to the jesuit general just as well. IF God wants, He can destroy Rome and its power in an instant. That is what Rome does not want to understand. Ever since Titus walked off with the spoils of the Beth Hamikdash, the Menorah, the Table, the trumpets, etc, Rome thinks that IT rules the world; Rome thinks it is invincible. But it is NOT!!! Rome's time WILL come. How soon, though, is what we are all asking, and waiting for.

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