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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fwd: Passing along a request GOVERNMENT OF MURDERERS: AN ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE! They would NEVER DARE do that to an Arab.

Davening Request for Ofer Gamliel: Dying in Jail

Posted by: ""   hayahava

Mon Nov 3, 2008 9:51 pm (PST)

Ofer Gamliel from Bat Ayin has just finished his 50th day of a hunger strike in jail, and is very ill and weak. I would like to ask people to daven for him. His name is OFER ben NAOMI. Ofer ben Naomi is serving a 15 year sentence for being part of the so called "Bat Ayin Underground". (He never harmed anyone). He is protesting the harsh conditions of his sentence in contrast to the
lenient treatment of Arab prisoners. Since he started his hunger strike, the prison system has punished him by putting him in solitary confinement, and cutting off phone privileges and visits. He is not allowed to communicate with his wife Michal except through his lawyer.

Please daven for OFER ben NAOMI and forward this to your friends.
(posted by Haya Hava Shulman)

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