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Monday, November 17, 2008

Re: Who shall live, and who shall die. "Poison Dwarf" Ehud Barak digs into the public coffers to protect his well-heeled friends at the expense of Sderot victims. One more outrageous act to his account.

 Shmuel retorted:

Barak abandoned wounded soldiers in Tzehilim and a Druze soldier in Kever Yoseph as well as hundreds of allies in Lebanon. He is the most degenerate of all of the post MAPAI murderers while Peres is at the core of it all.
Those episodes we know about as they are public knowledge.
I heard that inside sources are murmuring that many soldiers were intentionally sent into harm's way as well.
When the unJewish system will be finally exposed, the fury will be so big none of those creeps will escape judgment by NEWLY elected courts.

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