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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fwd: 2008: The Revolution Is Over

2008: The Revolution Is Over 

by Bruce

It is Election Day, 2008, and the Revolution is over. With President-elect Barack Muad'dib Obama (D-Arrakis), at the top and their forces dominating the Congress, the liberals are politically invincible. And they have the will of the people at their backs, as well: it is plain from the vote totals that the common folk love Obama — love, not merely support – and will campaign for him, his cronies, and his proposals just as fervently post-election as they do now. And this situation is not going to change with the next election, either: by 2010, when the next round of elections comes due, the believers will have had their hands in the cookie jar for two years, and anything the Dear Leader proposes at that point will pass.

I hate to be a downer, but there's no point in fooling ourselves.

Shocked at the success of the Revolution, Western Man? Why? This is democracy! This is the inevitable result of a system in which the power of the State is placed in the hands of the average idiot through voting. And you ain't seen nothin' yet!

You hear it everywhere you go, from the Internet to TV to talk radio: "When is America going to wake up?" So-called conservatives from coast to coast stare dumbfounded at their LCDs as the crowds following the One around grow ever larger, ever more raucous. They crap their pants in horror as the already-huge federal government bloats to Soviet proportions, extending its tentacles into every aspect of economic activity. And as they watch the socialist monster come alive, all they can think of to say in response is a strangled plea for the masses of average Americans to "wake up!" and fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

What they can't see is that America is awake. The Average Joes that they naively believe are going to rise up and oppose the Revolution have their eyes wide open. They see the Revolution — and they love it.

This is not a political problem. It is the systemic flaw that lies at the heart of the institution of representative government itself. As long as the average person has the vote, nothing will change. Short of a major reactionary movement, the power of the people will continue to grow — and with it the power of silver-tongued demagogues to control the nation. We have gone beyond mere politics; we are fighting a cult of personality now.

How do we fight a cult of personality? I could easily write a list here of things that could be done, but, frankly, most "conservatives" would react violently to them. That's because the "conservative" movement that most American "conservatives" consider themselves part of is not conservative at all; it is pure Enlightenment liberalism, based upon ideas like "liberty", the "rights of man" and "government by the people". None of these ideas have anything to do with true conservatism. They are laisser-faire liberal ideas, plain and simple. If we wanted to create a true conservative movement in America, we would need to switch our basic mode of thinking from that of the post-Enlightenment, individualist, nation-state-defined Europe to that of Middle-Ages, family-defined, feudal Christendom. Only a movement that does not have its roots in liberal (i.e. Enlightenment) ideals — liberty, equality, fraternity, and so forth — is worthy of the name "conservative".

Frankly, most "conservatives" would not like a truly conservative world — a world based upon ties of family, duty, and faith rather than the individual, rights, and pleasure. For those curious about what a truly conservative nation would be like, look up the name Eugene Dollfuß, and see what life was like in a nation where the Christian religion and the culture that proceeds from were truly the foundation of the civic order.

The current chaos is the perfect fruit of the so-called Enlightenment, and the final expression of Western Man's five-hundred-year experiment in the destruction of all rank, all duty, and all authority and their replacement with a materialist, human-centered world order in which individual liberty is reckoned as the greatest good.

Don't think better politics is the solution. There's no point in arguing politics anymore. It's no longer about politics. It's all bigger than politics now. It's about people who are desperate for something in which to believe throwing their cloaks on the road before a Messiah who has come to smite the people they hate. It's no longer about Obama the man, and what he represents. Now it's just about The Man.

True Believers don't care about facts. This is about Hope and Change! We mean it, maaaaaan! Bring on the new messiah, the Harvard-educated bi-racial superbeing that is going to bring Hope and Change to the world! The great avenger who will crush the church ladies and the smug jocks and the rich people and the rest of the gang who made high school a living hell! Never mind that the Muad'dib himself is rich. He is the One!

And don't even start with that Red Dawn stuff, patriots. Which of you "conservatives" will be the first to fire the opening shot? You, dear reader? I doubt it, because you know as well as I do that the one who does will be vilified by the media, then crushed by the government — and most Americans will applaud when it happens. The same is true of the next would-be Wolverine, and the hundreds that follow. As long as the Revolution holds the whip hand of the media, their control over the average American is unbreakable, and any attempt to thwart their will is doomed.

Most people of honor are willing to die for their beliefs. I am, and I have no doubt that you are, too. But it's not just about us. The Revolutionaries are free to act because they are mostly young and single. We conservatives are family people — and that makes us terribly vulnerable. Are you willing to see your spouse and kids killed (or rounded up at gunpoint and shipped off to God knows where) for the sake of some idiotic political point? I'm not.

Not yet, anyway.

No, there will be no civil war over this. I'm afraid the Revolution has to run its course. Things will have to get far worse before they get better. Only when the ideals and policies of the Revolution have so ruined the world that the average idiot can't get beer and smokes and car racin' on TV any more will a Restoration have a chance. Someday, when things get bad enough, a great military leader will arise, a Christian soldier with a true calling and with the God-given charisma needed to capture the loyalty of the few men of honor left in the world. This new Charlemagne and his knights will begin restoring order, enforcing the Natural Law, and, in time, will become powerful enough to offer the typical moron security from the vermin that run rampant in every decaying society. In exchange, the slack-jawed dopes that form the bulk of the population will offer the leader their military service. Come that day, a force capable of sweeping aside the Revolution will at last exist — and the Revolution will shatter before them.

Our goal is to survive until that day comes. So don't go crazy fantasizing about standing up to the New Order; they'll roll over you like a tank over an anthill. Instead, use this time of chastisement to get closer to God, your family, and your neighbors. Lie low. Educate yourself. Work, sleep, and pray for the day Christ returns — or He sends us a champion to smash the forces of evil as He has so many times before.

For now, we must suffer beneath the flail of King Mob. And now that he has control of the empire, the cries of "Oh, what shall we do?" ring across the land. Well, here's what you all are going to do: you are going to shut up and take it, because it's exactly what you wanted. As for what I'm going to do, you'd better believe that I'm going spend the next four (or eight) years laughing my ass off at the sight of once-proud Americans prostrating themselves before this half-assed black Jesus and his lackeys. Gotta love that government by the people, yuk yuk yuk!

Eventually, of course, the Dear Leader will get around to dealing with those of us who recognize him for the joke he is. At that point I'll probably stop laughing. Maybe they'll go on TV and the internet and accuse me of being a terrorist or a racist hatemonger, or maybe they'll just send Bill Ayres or one of the new generation of freedom fighters to blow us troublemakers up with a bomb. After all, I'm just one of those bitter people Muad'dib spoke about, those who live our lives in Flyover Country, clinging to our guns and our religion and our suspicion towards people who don't look like us, right?

You wanted representative government, Western Man. Now, relax and enjoy the ride as the latest silver-tongued huckster catapults himself and his cronies to ultimate power at the will of the ovine, ignorant, easily-deluded masses. You hated kings and popes, Western Man; oh, how you groaned about the tyranny of Altar and Throne! Now, enjoy yourselves as you bow low beneath the iron rod of materialist nihilism wielded by King Mob and his liege lord Emperor Demagogue!

And so, as the Revolution grinds like a loaded tumbril towards the guillotine for the final chop. I sincerely hope that the final flowering of individual liberty was worth the destruction of Western, Christian civilization and the God-ordained social order.

Freedom! Freedom above all! Well, you asked for it, Western Man. Now you've got it. So shut up and eat your consequences.

Aux guillotines, mes amis!

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