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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Very exciting reminder of the occurrence of Bircat Hachamah , this year falling Erev Pessach, very rare and unique placement that happened first during the Exodus from Egypt, and also during the original story of Purim. Hebrew, and English.

Rabbi Stein sent this. For those of you who don't read Hebrew, I attached some links in English that explain this. DS

יהודים יקרים,

השנה תתקיים מצוות ברכת החמה שהיא מצווה נדירה המתקיימת כל 28 שנים.

השנה היא תתקיים בי"ד ניסן ערב פסח.

קביעות כזאת - שברכת החמה מתקיימת בדיוק בערב פסח - תיתכן רק שלוש פעמים במשך ההסטוריה האנושית!!!

פעם ראשונה בעת גאולת מצריים בשנת ב' תמ"ח.

פעם שניה בעת גאולת פורים בימי מרדכי ואסתר

ופעם שלישית בשנת ה' תשס"ט.

מצורף קישור לצילום מתוך הספר "מאיר עיני חכמים" של רבי מאיר יחיאל הלוי מאוסטרובצה זצ"ל מגדולי הגאונים ואדירי התורה בדור הקודם

חפשו בגוגל ותמצאו אוצרות נוספים.


ויהי רצון שתהיה זו הגאולה האמיתית והשלימה בביאת משיח צדקינו אמן ואמן.



רוצים עוד פרטים?


חב"ד הוציאו חוברת המבארת את ההלכות והמנהגים.



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1 comment:

Lenny said...

Prophetic Blessings of Redemption!!

Get Ready for Freedom from slavery of Modern Spiritual Egypt in its secret pursuit of MidEast SpOILs, the LIFEBLOOD of modern society!! Israel has been pressured by the secular radical controlled NWO "international community" to violate the Everlasting Covenant by giving away the Promised Land (Flowing with Milk & HONEY) by various means, including "peace" treaties & "land for peace" roadmaps & deals with ancient brothers with an ancient hatreds over "misplaced" birthrights... These enemies have openly sworn their dedication by any means possible to totally destroy Israel, and they will not renounce these age old goals. Is it really possible to cut a deal with the devil, even a sweet sounding one, and win in the end?

What is that Pyramid (empty tomb) doing on the back of the so-called "Almighty Dollar"? What is the Secular NWO Symbolism & Goal? Isaiah 19 is all about the flow of the SpOILs (great waters- strange treasure of kings according to Solomon). Ancient Egypt used the Reeds sown by the brooks of the Nile (their source of life) for Durable Papyrus, their version of durable paper, much like the FED prints Trillion$ of today on the headlong path to Hyperinflation, where the USDollar heads south Zimbabwe style very soon, especially if Iran uses the SpOIL Weapon following a Preemptive Strike on their Nuclear Facilities.

The price of SpOIL profoundly affects the price of manufacturing & distribution of virtually EVERYTHING in modern society, especially in places like the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel's Prophecy. America was once very good to Israel in supporting her, as was Egypt under King Joseph, when Abraham and the twelve tribes, as well as the known world at the time were blessed by his dream and Pharaoh's redemption of him from the dungeon, elevating him to the highest level of command, second only to the Executive Director, Pharaoh himself. That's personal, family and global redemption!! After years of thriving, being very fruitful & multiplying, an evil Cruel Pharaoh who regarded not how Joseph had saved Egypt and the rest of the world arose, making the Hebrews into his slaves... Moses brought them out of Egypt into the promised land, a land flowing with milk & HONEY!! When they were finally thrust out of Egypt, seperated as a Nation of Israel, they were blessed by their prior task masters with an abundance of gold, silver & various provisions for their journey.

There still remains an old proverb among the Hebrews today... Moses must have taken a wrong turn and left us in the only place in the middle east without OIL. The Lord said he would cause that proverb to cease, hastening the fulfillment of his Ancient Oath, that the promised land would be flowing with milk & HONEY!! Why would Rosh want to come down in the near future to take a SpOIL? Olive Groves? Fig Trees?

I forsee the very soon fulfillment of The Lord's Ancient Oath in such overflowing abundance that it is hardly fathomable to anyone it has not been revealed to from Above. I see the Great Sea of the Deep, the waters that were sepatated from the waters in the creation of the earth, ARISING so suddenly and miraculously that it will bring great glory to the Creator of Heaven & earth, and a Baptism of the Spirit upon the Hebrews, who's eyes will suddenly be opened to things they could/would not see before... Redemptive Empowerment from Above in fulfillment of

Isaiah 60:1- Arise! Shine! For thy Light is Come!! The Glory of the Lord has Arisen upon Thee!! Hebrews & Christians will become ONE MAN, flowing in the same spirit, with their mutual commission to bring light into a darkening world before the final harvest!! The Latter Rain!!

Pure Holy Golden Sweet HONEY OIL (symbol of the Holy Spirit of the Anointed ONE) overflowing in and upon Israel in an unprecedented globally televised baptism will change everything about the BALANCE of Power in the Middle East & the Entire World, setting Israel Atop the Apex of OPEC.

The CAPSTONE of the Proverbial Pyramid that the NWO Builders Rejected. Those who previously pressured Israel to violate the Everlasting Covenant will suddenly be bowing before the Princes of the Oil Ministry, literally licking the precious dust off their feet to get some of their newfound liquid golden treasure, straight from the Mediterranean Sea, bypassing the dire Straight of Hormuz bottleneck, Somali Pirates, and the long journey up the Suez Canal, for the old dirty Crude. The plans of the enemy will backfire, turning into a blessing upon Israel instead of a curse, just as happened with Balim.

The Menorah Candlestand has long been a spiritual symbol of the hidden neftree, fatree, or THE OIL TREE deep beneath the earth, of which ISRAEL is the FAT CENTRAL ELEVATED LAMP that feeds directly from the FAT BASE OF GOLDEN NEFTAR/NECTAR, "the vast lower pool", which is already refined/purified under tremedous Pressure & Heat, but has long been sealed awaiting the Creator's perfect timing for the revelation of its profound prophetic meaning & fulfillment. All other other surrounding lamps currently lit are mere upper pool tributaries from the base, directly beneath Israel, in the precise area where the Torah indicated in the Ancient Tribal Anatomy Map Treasure Code...

The Chiefest Blessings will be upon the Crown of the Head of Joseph (KodKod Meged), who was separated from his brothers. Asher will dip his foot in OIL. Zebulun & Issuchar are also blessed with oil, in the Kishon/Jezreel Valley Plain, beneath Holy Mt. Carmel (golden), incidentally in a historic wide open (fat) ancient battleground also known as MEGIDDO. Where do the Ancient Tribal Boundaries intersect? When do these Historic Signs in the Heavens & Calandar Intersect? From significant history documented in the Ancient Scriptures, we can expect this rare convergence to bring about unprecedented miracles of deliverance and redemption!! Might a world of believers of every race, ethnos, color, creed, and nation suddenly come together in the true spirit of peace to recognize the ONE True Messiah's Holy Spirit (represented by pure oil) in Utter Wonder & Astonishment? Glory be to the Almighty Creator ALONE!!

This blessing, if/when it comes, perhaps upon the end or Rabbah of the Feast of Pesach/Passover (after the paganized "Easter" in the middle of the week), the Overflowing MEGED Top-of-Top Blessings come with a Strong WARNING...

With such enormously deep overwhelming blessings, It's so easy to become FAT and complacent, to begin to worship the creation rather than THE CREATOR, and to Sacrifice the Everlasting Covenant for what has the Appearance of being able to bring the long sought after "PEACE" that Israelis truly want... As a Charismatic Crafty ONE comes in with flatteries and big promises of being able to bring together the previously strongly opposed parties, which are even more jealous and hateful than ever before!! Robinhood styled Redistributionist Socialist & worse, Fascist plans to take it all over and sit in the FATTEST PARTS of THE BEAUTIFUL LAND with a fake 7 YR TREATY, which from a secular viewpoint will seem like the best option, but ultimately ends in total destruction!! The Ancient Scriptures have WARNED!!

Trust Completely in the Almighty Creator of Heaven & earth, who will be returning very soon after the Fig Tree Blossoms (The Horn of Israel Budding as Aaron's Rod), but first comes the Great Deception!! Fallen Angels who pretend to be our creators, with lying signs & wonders, supporting a false Messiah. Incidentally, it's interesting that an Earthquake in Rome (city on seven mountains that mysteriously spiritually rules over the kings of the earth) just preceded this epic convergence...

The Signs of the Times are Abounding All Around us, for those with eyes to see & ears to hear!!

April 9, 2009, Iran has stated they plan to update the world of the with an announcement about the success of their Nuclear Program. Could they be ready already? Are they trying to provoke the inevitable, to bring their awaited Imam/Mahdi Front Stage Center?

An ancient Chinese proverb says:
May you live in interesting times!
Blessing/Curse? Crisis/Opportunity?

The Almighty is Always in Control!!
There is none above or beside HIM!!

Blessings & Shalom to All Children.