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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Re: Crazy story claimed by Hal Turner about HUGE FINANCIAL SCANDAL INVOLVING ISRAEL AND CONGRESS: read this, it's worth is, I WONDER, again, IF IT IS TRUE... and what would be the consequences?

SHmuel commented; again, you are right, SHmuel!  DS

Unless and if we have suicidal maniacs added to impotent charlatans, associated murderers and showman running this madhouse, I find it hard to believe that anyone would, without any intent to cover up a bit, transfer illegal funds from the israeli government accounts to foreign leaders.
In the other hand the US government does that routinely and widely, here, covering it as "foreign aid", "speaking tours" fees,.envelopes, etc.
Billions if not more of US taxpayer money have passed hands under the table to illegally finance State Department or CIA criminal acts ranging from assassinations to sabotage of regimes to buying up cabinet posts for foreign "leaders" the USSD wanted killed, defeated or elected.
Many millions of US official dollars have appeared here through the incredibly stupid trick of paying local politicos to go and make speaking tours in the US.
Cocktail parties appearances paid by "donors" is another one lame way to bribe as well.
The lass in charge or better yet, fronting at the SD received hundreds of thousands of dollars in Jewelry from the islamics I believe.
Mr. Turner is nothing but a moronic anti-Semite and we waste our time pursuing things the US itself has done for generations.
Again. Lets stop wasting time with red herrings floated by creeps such as Hal there and concentrate on how to rid ourselves of the US financed deviants installed here as "government".

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