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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Re: "the MAP": Dependence of Midwest on Mississippi Outlet

Jack commented:

Being a Russian patriot, he overlooks some important factors, however. Surprisingly, Prof. Panarin seems not to understand the geography of the US or he would not have drawn the map as he did. Look at


This is an interactive map of the navigable rivers in the US (map vintage 1890) on which you can see how control of the mouth of the Mississippi gives control of much of the Mid-West and West. Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia are entirely dependent on the Mississippi River drainage system to connect to the world markets. Even the southern parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois are dependent on it, as also Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri, the eastern parts of Nebraska and also much of the Dakotas and Montana. On the other hand, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida are not. Nor are they ethnically of a piece with Texas except as patriotic Americans.


In Panarin's scenario, more likely than Georgia and Florida, the Texas Republic would control the Middle West, which cannot get to market except by barge down the Mississippi to the sea. Control of the mouth of the Mississippi and, therefore, the entire center of the country was the real reason for the American Civil War. If the Confederacy won, even Ohio, Indiana and Illinois would have been hard pressed to remain in the Union. There was a reason why Andrew Jackson was obsessed with Texas and Florida. He wanted Mexico and Spain far from the mouth of the Mississippi.


Moreover, Panarin overlooks the fact that Russia is nearing failed state status. It too is threatened with dissolution and will come under increasing pressure from the global jihad and from China, which is poised to move into most of Siberia and the Central Asia "near abroad." In that event, it would be China that would move into Alaska and bring pressure on Canada for British Columbia (and the Yukon Territory), which would put it in total control of the northern half of the Pacific Rim. That seems very remote but if the US collapses, could Canada resist it? Could Europe stand on its own or would it fall to the Global Jihad? Could Russia itself stand between China and Eurabia?


Prof. Ponarin, however, also overlooks the fact that Mexico is also approaching failed state status. That means that the drug lords and the Global Jihad would control it.


Pretty scary all the same.




re You Prepared For This?



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