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Monday, July 6, 2009

Worldwide "Obama Outpost" Fundraiser!



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From: Buddy Macy
Sent: 26 June, 2009 08:22
Subject: Worldwide "Obama Outpost" Fundraiser!

Contributions of $10 or more will be accepted & appreciated!

Please forward this to your list, NOW! Thank you. Buddy
Worldwide "Obama Outpost" Fundraiser!
$1000 goal
$120.00 pledged to date
The plan is simple:

Tens of Thousands of Jews and pro-Land of Israel supporters will make a small $10 donation. Those small donations will form a mass donation that will facilitate for the building up of Obama's Hilltop!

Why is this important?

As Obama leads the world to demand an Arab State in the middle of the Land of Israel, we must all send a very strong message that the Jewish People and all supporters of the Land of Israel will not allow for its destruction! In addition this project will help strengthen the morale of the courageous Jewish youth that go out and rebuild over and over again.

Why $10 and not more?

We understand that Obamas Outpost will be destroyed many times. Due to the difficult economic times we do not want to make any serious financial demands on anyone. However thousands of us make that small $10 donation it will become a very hefty sum and no one will feel the loss personally. As a community it will help strengthen our resolve.

The website demands that a minimum amount be entered, if this is minimum goal is not reached no one gets charged. However even if the minimum is met, donations can still be made until the clock runs out.

Tamar Yona, Israel National News
"Yup! Those pesky (wink) settler youth had the chutzpah - the audacity, to rebuild the Obama outpost after it was destroyed in a middle of the night raid a few days ago by security forces. Whether you agree with these kids or not, you have to admire their tenacity...this silly little shack is enraging the world."

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