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Sunday, July 26, 2009

" More about money laundering ." Well said, better than I could have; true , the BIG corruption you never, ever hear about: it is buried, forgotten, out of sight, out of mind..... while for us JEWS, and other vulnerable folks......

drug money

After a long and expensive investigation, the European Union has filed a massive lawsuit against RJ Reynolds (RJR-Nabisco) alleging money laundering for the drug trade running into billions of dollars. The operation was all over Europe and South America and quite probably to the US. It went on for years a RJR reaped billions in profits from it which fueled its aggressive financial affairs. This is revealed in Dillon, Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits, a book by Catherine Austin Fitts. She became one of the directors of Dillon Read and Co, a prominent Wall Street firm which represented RJR. (Douglas Dillon, son of the founder, was Secretary of the Treasury.) She quotes extensively from the EU complaint, which is public.


If you have never heard of this case, it is because the media en masse have studiously ignored it. The FBI and the T-men have 300 agents on the Deal, NJ case, which they have been on for ten years. Have they had as many agents on the RJR case? I don't know. Is it more important than the RJR case? Maybe so, judging from the attention the two have gotten from law enforcement and the media.


On the other hand, maybe if they start opening up the RJR case, it would lead to Mena, Arkansas, which was a major entry point for cocaine for years, including the years when George HW Bush was VP and then President and Clinton was governor and probably the years he was President. Money was laundered through a bank in Mena, with interesting ownership. In short, the case might reveal involvement of the CIA and people at the highest levels of the US government, Wall Street and Corporate America.


The EU has uncovered the facts and laid it all out. All the media have to do is report it. Assume for the moment the worst about the Deal Yeshiva case and the NJ mayors. What makes this case so much more interesting than the RJR-Nabisco case?


More fundamentally, Citizens, do you not see that someone is managing and manipulating your "news"?

These are two chapters of Catherine Austin Fitts' book which deal with RJ Reynolds' money laundering and the involvement of the CIA in the drug trade. (The interesting ownership of the bank in Mena, Arkansas is that the Nugan-Hand Bank, where the cocaine money was laundered, was exposed as a CIA front.


About charitable fund raising, Austin Fitts also points out that the major educational institutions, such as the Ivy League universities, are funded by Wall Street and Corporate America and endowed with their shares. Possibly, the officers of the universities and hospitals and other charitable beneficiaries do not actually have their fingers in the dirty work of the donors but they honor and confer respectability on those companies, like RJR-Nabisco and supply graduates to staff their executive ranks and receive the top people from the corporations and Wall Street onto their faculty and into the top levels of their administrations.


Smaller, less respectable establishments, however, cannot get away with even the association with skullduggery. I can remember the paroxysms of anguish visible in the Jewish Federation in LA when a stock fraud scandal at Mattel Toys broke, involving some of the most prominent supporters of the Federation, even though the federales did not have a hand in the evil doings.


As one of my more colorful correspondents put it,


"That the big parasites perform huge money laundering with sinister intent is also well known. Yet small fish and in particular us "fishes" cannot afford to AND MUST NOT ever swim in that company.


"The PTB penetrate and know every single subject they care to know about and if anyone believes on "firewalls", codes, encrypting, etc, they must be smoking something really strong... LOL Phones, INTERNET, snail mail, radio com... all completely searched. And even private meetings in most cases, are recorded to the last word.


"All said and done. Organizations or persons that operate mainly from "donations" must undergo training on how to stay "OVERGROUND" buy ALL STANDARDS even knowing that the PTB will creatively fabricate "standards" to surprise. The PTB can easily fabricate "cases", files at all levels they need to do so."


If you don't believe it, track down one Moshe Badash, formerly the owner of a very successful chain of groceries that featured his sausages, deli meats and frozen Chinese dinners. He ran for Knesset on the Unleash Capitalism platform and the PTB litigated him to bankruptcy. Too bad, too. At least his parties probably had good sandwiches.



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