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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The USA has too much money, apparently: what's a few trillion dollar deficit, when you can help enemies of Israel!


The United States will give the Palestinian Authority $200 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, its share of the $900 million that was pledged at a PA donor's conference in Sharm el Sheikh in March. The donation was announced directly by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said that the donation was "important to the United States and the Obama Administration."

Approving of the donation, US Consul General Jake Walles said that "the PA's proven track record in managing donor funds in a transparent and accountable manner gives us great confidence in providing direct budget support."

Update, and comment by A.M.


If you go to the official U.S. Government State Department website

at http://Jerusalem.USConsulate.Gov/ you will find information about

aid to the new library in Beit Jala, about a $200,000,000.00 US “Budget

Support” to the PA terrorist regime of Abu Masen, and about 8 new grants

to East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the “West Bank.”

You will read that Hillary asks the Arab States to exercise more responsibility

to aid the “palestinians.”

You can learn about the U.S. Consular staff’s special grants to preserve the

mythical “Palestinian Cultural Heritage.

You can learn about Fulbright Awards and Abraham Lincoln grants for Arab


What you can’t learn about is U.S.-Israel relations. That’s because the word

“Israel” is never mentioned anywhere on the State Department’s official

consular website in Jerusalem! Not once! Nowhere!

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