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Friday, July 17, 2009

Demonstrations: who are the REAL heroic Jews in Israel? Armed National Religious, or unarmed Chassidim???



“What we have to strongly protest here, in a peaceful manner, are the barbaric actions of the police force in arresting a woman who is allegedly sick according to their claims, and chaining her, putting her in a cell with dangerous criminals. If their allegations are true, then this woman deserves the appropriate medical treatment, but not to sit in a prison cell, with such subhuman treatment.”

Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Eda Hareidit president.

"There was no reason for [the mother] to be in jail... Now we all understand that these things can be stopped by burning garbage and ripping out traffic lights”

MK Meir Porush, UTJ

Aryeh writes:

Ladies and gentlemen and especially all you politically Greenhorn Ladies, this is what a real demonstration looks like. Forget about the right or wrong of the issue they are protesting. This is the real thing. A protest is a threat not a social get together. If you do not feel some serious fear, a bit of blood lust and a lot of barely controllable rage, you are not in a demonstration. All the "let's feel good about ourselves" events that preceded and followed the Sharon Pogrom were not demonstrations.

How did the so called "Orange public" get its name? At the time of the efforts to stop the Sharon Pogrom, the people of the Ukraine had elected a president but the election was rigged. The winning party's symbol was an orange banner. When those cheated of their victory took to the streets to violently protest the election fraud, they waved their orange banners. In Israel the muddle headed worshipers of the Golden Calf of Zion saw this and said: "We too will protest with orange. We too will fight against injustice." So while the Ukrainians were doing their best to tie their orange banners around the necks of the corrupt official and police that had stolen the election from them and hang them, in Israel they were tying orange ribbons in the hair of four year old girls or attaching them to the antennae of luxury cars. Of course they would also enthusiastically waved them at their pseudo demonstration especially at the Government lackeys that would address them and tell them how wonderful they all are to be so peaceful.

We are now in the preliminary stages of a Netanyahu Pogrom. Netanyahu supported and participated in the Sharon Pogrom, did nothing in light of the Olmert, Amona Pogrom and sat on his hands during the debacle in Lebanon. Yet when America's first Muslim president gave him his marching orders, he immediately responded. Two State for two People! How marvelous.

Anyone with even half a neuron still functioning in their brain must realize that there are hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives on the line right now in Yeshah and the rest of the Jews as well shortly thereafter. So what to do?

Well for starters, let see what happens in Yerusalayim. Anyone willing to guess who will win this battle?

Thursday did not bring a hiatus in protests in Yerushalayim. Thousands gathered in the Kikar Shabbos area and the scene was a repeat of earlier nights this week, with vandals setting public property ablaze, further destroying that which remains of the neighborhood as the residents struggle to prepare for shabbos amidst the mayhem.

Hundreds of protestors took up position on Shivtei Yisrael Street near Route 1, met with by formidable police presence working to keep the vehicular route open. Arrests were made including the Eida Chareidit’s Rav Yitzchak Shlomo Blau. Also detained by police were Avraham Breuer, son-in-law of Badatz official Rav Yurvitz, a grandson of the Vishnitz Rebbe Monsey, and a son-in-law of the Kretchniff Rebbe Shlita Jerusalem.

Stormy protests were also reported in Bet Shemesh and other chareidi areas around the country. In Yerushalayim, the violence appears to have escalated. In Bet Shemesh, the approximately 100 protestors closed Nahar HaYarden Street until police came and reopened the route. It appeared there were more rock-throwing attacks and destruction to public property. Eida official are signaling this protests will continue until the ‘Munchausen mom’ is released. Community leaders insist the entire matter is a blood libel against the chareidi community while police insist they have ample video footage and other evidence to support their case that the mother is indeed ill, and inflicted the damage to her son. At Hadassah, doctors and administrators reject all allegations that they are “cooperating with police” to permit them to build their case against the chareidi community.

Police used a water cannon and mounted forces moved in as well in an effort to maintain order. In Geula, cops were outfitted with riot gear, seeking to protect themselves against the hail of rocks thrown from every direction.

On Jerusalem’s Moshe Zachs Street, fireworks were hurled at police. On Moshe Caro Street, a vat of oil was poured onto the street. One mounted unit slid on the oil, but the policeman and his horse emerged uninjured.

At least 10 policemen were injured and dozens were arrested and detained for questioning. The President’s Residence has released a message that President Shimon Peres has ordered his staff to contact the involved parties, the chareidi leaders, police and Jerusalem City Hall, beginning to take steps to curb the violence before the situation escalates to catastrophe chas v’sholom.

The mother will be brought before a remand hearing on Friday morning, at 9:00am. The state will ask that she remain behind bars, maintaining her release will permit the chareidi community to get her out of the country, as well as facilitating efforts to sabotage the ongoing police investigation. The state is indicating it is willing to agree to her release under house arrest conditions outside of Yerushalayim, providing she agrees to a psychiatric exam prior to her release. So far, mom is unwilling to consent to a psychiatric exam.

Moshe Friedman, who is a member of the Munchausen mother’s family has released a message calling for calm and an end to the violence. “I repeat, in the name of the rabbonim and the family, please, stop, the violence is counter-productive and hurts our case. It diverts the public’s attention”. Friedman calls for calm law-abiding protest, tefilla, and tehillim.

In the meantime, Jerusalem Police Chief Franco is bracing for a stormy shabbos, preparing his forces for increased violence. The pashkavilim in Meah Shearim are calling for a shabbos afternoon protest over the opening of the Karta parking lot. Police fear the combination of the two issues may lead to yet more violence. Franco stated the police can deal with anything and additional manpower will be deployed if necessary, but he hopes the situation does not continue to deteriorate.

In one act of vandalism on Thursday morning, a number of chareidi youths were captured on film as they threw trash cans and other objects at a Geula social services office, eventually destroying a security camera. They also hurled rocks at the windows of the office. Police were summoned to extricate the workers from the office, who were unsuccessful in repelling the violent assault with fire extinguishers. As a precaution, teargas has been distributed to social workers employed by the city, fearing the violence may spread to other neighborhoods.

Chief Franco has indicated he feels the rabbonim are not doing enough to openly condemn the violence and call for an end to the destruction and attacks.

On the other side of the coin, the chareidi media continues to report police are treating detainees with brutality, decrying the entire affair, distancing itself from the vandalism and violence and focusing reports on the unjustified accusations against the mother, and the blood libel against the chareidi community.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

DS comments:

The Chareidim are the only Jews with guts
.The problem is, they only demonstrate when it touches THEM specifically: where were they when Jews from Yesha were under fire? Nowhere to be found. So it is a little bit hard to feel sympathetic towards them when they are the ones under assault.

But they still have the right idea, and the right attitude.

Why are they acting so differently from National-Religious Jews?

A. They don't have the MOTHER'S MILK-BRED ATTACHMENT TO THE "MEDINA WHICH CAN DO NO WRONG", finding excuses to any and every criminal act perpetrated by the traitors calling themselves Jews against them.


C. They haven't been infiltrated to death by hundreds of Shabak agents and other such distasteful characters. Which Yiddish-speaking Shabak agent can LIVE THE LIFE OF A CHASSID, I am asking you? Just too hard to imagine.

And finally,



Shabbat Shalom.




Jack wrote:

This is right on. People are beginning to understand what R. Meir Kahana (HY”D) meant when he said that any demonstration that requires a permit is not worth going to. If the Powers That Be permit it, it is because they expect that it will not result in any harm to the PTB. It’s safe. Go ahead and demonstrate. Who cares? On the speakers’ rostrum are the same old faces saying the same old things. “Well done, go home now.” And all the orange folks went home. Here we can see what a demonstration is about. When half a million Israelis surround the Knesset and announce that no one leaves alive unless they end the Oslo Process, dismantle all the terrorist organizations, including the PLO and the PA, kill all the terrorists, fire the members of the Supreme Court and the political echelon of the military, which includes the entire general staff, and full colonels and institute direct district elections of MK’s, the PTB will order the army to open fire on the demonstrators. Then there will be a Yeltsin moment, when soldiers have to decide whether to refuse the order. If they refuse, the revolution wins. If they open fire, the PTB win. No other kind of demonstration means anything to a government that does not care what the people want or what the people think. The GOI (government of Israel) has more than amply proven that it doesn’t care. So if there is no threat to the PTB or its canon fodder, there is no point in demonstrating.

SHmuel wrote:

Its turning, slowly but it is.
Not for a moment I will dwell on the reasons for the Haredi latest demonstrations, but the pur is falling.
THAT IS WHAT we at RFI meant all along.
We MUST NOT have any use for "telephone calls", "fax messages polite and nice", "vigils", hand chains, colored ribbons, stickers and the rest of that useless stuff.
If the enemy, and YES! they are enemies not "brothers", posts psychopaths and trains them to harm unarmed JEWS, they must be confronted with raging people prepared to bring onto the monsters whatever it takes to make them feel the same or MORE pain as they inflict, and if need be also against those that created that degenerate setting.
They must internalize JEOPARDY as wide as need be.

Tragic but there must be no change of direction.


BTW: The purported plans to "attack on Iran's nuclear stuff are a sham, SHAM, not such a thing will take place in reality. They will have at best some photo ops pyrotechnics.
It is an excuse to destroy Jewish communities pretending to be "the price" to deal with Iran.

Moshe said; - in Hebrew:

אדון יקר זה יושב כאן בארץ ישראל ומוכן לשכנע ולהנהיג אנשים בכוון זה? או שהוא יושב בביתו -שהוא חושב שהוא שם בטוח -אישם בגולה??
כמה יהודים הוא מוכן שיהרגו על מזבח רצונו?
הכתומים בכפר מימון עמדו מול 300 צלפים שנשכרו / גויסו/ טומטמו- בדיוק לקראת מהלך זה -להרוג יהודים פורצים. אז לו היה שם היה מוכן לקחת האחריות לפרוץ ,בתקווה ששכירי החרב הלא-יהודים בפועל או להלכה, אכן ימרדו בשלטון?
אני עדיין מעריץ את כוח-חולשתו- של מנחם בגין שידע למנוע מלחמת אחים ב'סיזון' ובאלטלנה.
אז כנראה בגלל זה לא נולדתי ולא נמניתי על החשמונאים, שעשו זאת וצלחו.
לצערינו מתנגדי המלך אלכסנדר ינאי, מורדי רומא בחורבן הבית ואנשי בר-כוכבא לא צלחו במהלך זה, ואת העונש על כך אנו חווים עד היום.
אנ י מתפלל יום-יום שהקב'ה לא יעמידינו בניסיון זה של מלחמת אחים ,כי לא מעמידים אנשים בניסיון שאינם יכולים לעמוד בו ,ואני אינני בטוח שאנו יכולים לעמוד בניסיון זה.
אני אמנם יודע ומבין אנגלית ,אך התבטאותי יותר רהוטה ומדודה בלשון הקודש.
והסליחה עם כל מי שעדיין לא שולטים היטב בשפה יקרה ומיוחדת זאת
לבל משה

SHmuel answered Moshe:

Dear Moshe,
And I mean it. I am a former and decorated idf soldier and resident in Eretz Israel for
over 30 years. I do speak fluent Hebrew but blogs are read overseas and most of the
readers hardly do so.
I am also an invited Consultant to the Israeli DoD and a former Senior/Fellow Engineer
with the US Military Avionics Programs. My work has been published by the University
of Tel Aviv in HEBREW since the 80's. I also hold US Patents. (In English... ;))
Now lets hear about you Moshe. And while you do that spare me the Menachem Begin
routine as I am also a veteran LIKUD Central Committee Member and also a Member
of the Jabotinsky Guard.

Duplicity is not my game Moshe. Never been and never will be.
In the other hand we are not too sure about most of the "LIKUD" princes, are we?
Outside Dr. Landau and a few now gone from the scene stalwarts that we all honor,
many of those remaining "princes" turned out to be superlative skunks, renegades,
underhanded self servers and even criminals. Olmert?, Livni?, Hanegbi?, etc.
The "peace processors" from the pseudo "left" or pseudo "right", most worthy of
the label of unJews, failed, but have achieved one thing. Producing a worthless gaggle
of trash, corrupt, murderous against Jews, sold out, underhanded charlatans and
those are their best attributes.
They also, in your own words, have trained murderous "300 tzalafim" ready to
execute JEWS, not "partners". To the "partners" they provide money, services, arms
and training.
What do you suggest to do when those murderous "leaders" form and assign to attack
JEWISH PEOPLE such elements... dance with them?
If the ENEMY, and those that formed those "yassam", BP and "Jewish Sektion" are
enemies, are doing that, one must match and surpase their intents.
It is about time to cut the tail feathers of the supercilious whiners that at every turn, turn
said tail and blame others for the never ending fiascos.
EVERYTHING, from the Iranian nuclear programs to the real plans of the islamic "partners"
have been known by the "israelitists" for decades yet and NO ACTION was taken.
Now the ubiquitous trio of cesspool creatures pretend to be "getting ready to
attack" Iran nukes when in reality they will be doing a photo
show to justify the destruction of more JEWISH communities "in exchange".

BTW: I was also in Yamit Moshe... Before the "peace of the brave" malarkey.

We have organized a JEWISH NATIONAL CONVENTION that was sabotaged by
"residents" of israel. That Convention was meant to offer to the JEWISH PEOPLE an
option to freely elect a new system of government and a decent leadership.
I am sure that those that sabotaged that, much rather BS everyone telling us they will
change things "from within".

Jack answers Moshe:

אני תושב ארץ ישראל וגם מתנחל גאה. אני מבין היטב את הסיכון לפנינו ואני גם לא מאמין בהפיכה אלה בשינוי עמוק בקרב האוכלוסייה עצמה שממנו ינבע מציות שונה גם חברתית וגם בתחום הפוליטי. הקמתי תוכנית לממש את השינוי הזה. תוכל לראות אותה ב זה בשיתוף כמה אחרים, זקנים כמוני. כמעת אף אחד מתחת לגיל 50 אפילו לא מבין במה מדובר. חשבתי שאם תהיה תכנית עם סטרטגיות ופעולות מעשיות יותר, אנשים ירימו אותם ויבצעו אותם. אולם לא ככה בארץ. צריך בולדוזר להקים התכנית וליזם את הפעלתה ואז אולי אנשים ישתתפו בו. עד כה לא הצלחנו לישם אותה אפילו לא לממן את היישום. הננו גדוד הקשישים (the.A.K. Brigade) ולא נוכל להנהיג את המפעל. אני בקושי הולך.

הייתי בהפגנות בארץ ולמדתי שאין יעילות בהן. לפני 15 שנה, בתום לב, לקחתי את משפחתי, הכולל את ביתי בת 11 בזמנו להפגין נגד מאסרם של הרב ריסקין ונדיה מטר שבסוף הפך למהומה משטרתית יחד עם סוסים ללא פרובוקציה כלל. אין להפגנות כזו שום ערך. ראה מה שאנו מציעים ותחליט: או בדרך כזו או הפגנות אמיתיות כמו דיברנו עליהן או להמשיך ללכת עם ה-Yudenrat.

בדרך אגב, אני חוגג בימים אלה 25 שנה בארץ.

Jack added:

"When the people fear the government, it is tyranny...when government fears the people, it is liberty."

Variously attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine and Benjamin Franklin.

Edith wrote:

As to these Haredim and their demonstrations. I believe that when one dies, there is a trial in front of G-d. When this destroyers of all Judaism will get there, they will be sent straight to burn in hell. They are the evil of all evil, the antithesis of Judaism and it's beliefs.


The hilonim hate religion and they are looking for excuses to say that religion is about how strict you are on kashrut, how many hours you daven or learn, but it does not make you a better human being, as HaShem wants.

Along come some communities of charedim who give them ammunition. They protect the naturei karta, because they are stringent in laws, they do not disown them when they go to kiss all the avowed enemies of Israel, when they announce that Israel has no right to exist because the Meshiach did not come yet. And also when bad things are done by crazies in the haredi community, like cruelty (beastliness), is practiced by some there, they do not rise up against these people. When Haredim act disgustingly toward less stringent Jews, as they do in Beit Shemesh, they don't denounce this. When the religious courts have become seats of injustice, oh well. I think the Israeli court system is filled with horrible leftist unjust, self-serving people, and I hope I personally never will have to depend on them, G-d save me from the religious judges. I have seen how they work and how their system works. No thank you.

I love and admire the followers of Rav Kook, I love the national religious Jews, wish I could be like them. I love the religious settlers, wish I were young enough, but the Haredim, No thank you! Edith
P.S. I love Chabad and all the other frum Jews who by example and hard work are bringing in thousands of Baale Tsuva.

The issue is not method of demonstrating. These people are evil. Anti-Semitic, anti Tora, anti Israel and most of all anti-humanity.

bill wrote:



nik wrote:

just remember everybody... here in the u.s. with the fascists running amok everywhere... when they come for us like they did for the indians... they'll becoming for you too b'aretz next...

this coming sinister mandatory-vaccination demand will be the same as when the slime gave blankets to the indians on their reservations laced with the smallpox virus... the shots themselves will kill hundreds of thousands of americans with the so-called swine flu disease... beware... the policy of forcing this is coming to canada next right after great britain... be warned... they are coming for all of us worldwide... jew and gentile alike... the slime want to genocide the planet in a massive way this time... to the tune of a 2/3ds removal of "unimportant" elements of mankind... nik. out...


I spent Shabbat in Jerusalem with Chareidi relatives,who had a number of guests at the table, and I heard first hand that surprisingly,people perceive a different aspect of the situation. I had assumed there was widespread support for the rebellion in Meah Shearim; apparently not so. Chareidim are DISTANCING themselves from these actions. Some reasons given:

disruption of everyday life :"it is not fair that I should have to take a cab for 38 shekels instead of 20 to take a detour ( from another neighborhood)"

concerns about the sick child of the mother : the police are protecting the child by jailing this mother, who could do the same to her other children. So the doctors are definitely being believed more than the Chassidim.

Public order:

If they don't like it in Israel, let them go back to England { that's new one to me: I had heard: go back to Brooklyn; go back to Poland.... now the Neturei Karta are supposed to go back to London! Isn't this a little bit funny?}

Economic: They burn the trash cans, and OUR Arnona goes up.

Social criticism
: the kids being arrested are all teen-agers; they do this for fun, they have no sports, no music, they are bored, and this is their entertainment. They also like to throw acid on girls ....

They have nothing to do all day...

There seems to be zero sympathy for the rioters among the well-established, religious Jerusalemites. Now true, I don't live in Jerusalem, and so maybe I am not sensitive enough to the ramifications of this rebellion; but overall the bourgeois Chareidi Jewry is siding with the police. I am so surprised! There is no tolerance for social unrest.

Surprisingly, somebody RELIGIOUS even sided with Nir Barkat: So the city needs money, so what if they operate a parking lot for tourists on Shabbat?

On one hand, I can understand the desire for calm. On the other hand, I see this as an issue of the straw that broke the camel's back; extreme frustration over the increasing trampling of people's rights and freedoms by a dictatorial and inhumane government. And I see as a problem the fact that the population has no understanding of the UNDERPINNINGS of the Israeli government, of how the leaders are making decisions to please the PTB, and not for the interest of the people of Israel. They all read the papers, even if they don't watch TV, and so their worldview is being marred by that perspective, evidently.

Problematic, I'd say.....


Eida Hareidit President Condemns Violent Protests

Reported: 08:45 AM - Jul/19/09

( Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, renowned authority on Jewish law and president of the hareidi-religious Eida Hareidit organization, condemned violent protests due to the arrest of a mother for suspected withholding nourishment from her child.

Rabbi Sternbuch wrote in a letter published Friday: “What we have to strongly protest here, in a peaceful manner, are the barbaric actions of the police force in arresting a woman who is allegedly sick according to their claims, and chaining her, putting her in a cell with dangerous criminals. If their allegations are true, then this woman deserves the appropriate medical treatment, but not to sit in a prison cell, with such subhuman treatment.”
The rabbinic leader additionally stated, “We condemn any types of violence, I have stressed this many times before. Anyone who commits acts of violence declares that he doesn’t belong to our community. Any talk of boycotting the hospital is against the Halacha [Jewish law] and ‘very self-damaging.’ We have nothing against the Hadassah hospital, and many in our community receive their services in the Hadassah hospital with great care.”


Porush: Burning Garbage Gets Results

Reported: 04:28 AM - Jul/19/09

( MK Meir Porush of United Torah Judaism (UTJ) slammed Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Saturday night over recent events in the capital city. In an interview with Yediot Aharonot, Porush accused Jerusalem police of mishandling the arrest of a hareidi-religious mother accused of child abuse, and said Barkat had mismanaged subsequent riots within the hareidi-religious community.

"There was no reason for [the mother] to be in jail... Now we all understand that these things can be stopped by burning garbage and ripping out traffic lights,”
Porush said, referring to the fact that the mother suspected of abuse was released to house arrest following several days of riots. While the riots continued, Barkat made them worse by cutting off services to the area, thus increasing the rioters' anger, he said.


Shmuel said:

Tell me. If those beasts are not Jewish, then what is the "Halachic" holdback to neutralize them?
Whoever forms and arms that putrid filth is just the same as the excrement they choose to use, correspondingly why are the Rabbanim not addressing the subject at all?
Salaries?. Fear? all the previously mentioned?

Their silences are thunderous regarding that sickness of using criminally insane beasts to intimidate and attack Jews.
They should be made aware that others are seeing their silence with trepidation and if that does not move them, then their status may be exposed.

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