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Friday, July 17, 2009

BOYCOTTS CAN GO BOTH WAYS ! Fw: Ahhh Scotch, can we do without our Scotch?

No more Scotch whisky - go over to Irish instead for Kiddush


The UK has decided in it's wisdom to begin a partial arms embargo on the Israel. In retaliation for defending itself against Gaza terrorism, the UK has decided to place an embargo on replacement parts for some of the guns that the Israeli navy uses on the Saar gunboats. The funny thing about embargoes and boycotts is that they can go both ways. Turkey, for instance, decided to insult President Peres and deride Israel for defending itself. Israelis in return decided to boycott Turkey, and as a result, tourism from Israel (which was very significant) has dropped to almost nothing, and the Turkish government is beside itself as a result. But there are other practical steps one can take on an individual level. For instance, not long ago, the British government was lobbying the Israeli government to reduce liquor taxes, to boost sales in Israel of Scotch whisky. With annual exports in excess of £2bn, Scotch Whisky is one of the UK's leading exports and supports thousands of jobs across the economy.
Well there you go. You can shoot off this quickly, choose your version or write your own.


EMAIL to the "Scotch Whisky Association


or to the British embassy.

Dear Sirs,
I love your country's Scotch Whisky, but due to the decision of your government to place a partial arms embargo against the State of Israel for rightfully defending themselves against acts of terrorism emanating from the Gaza strip, I must regretfully return the favor and boycott all Scotch whisky produced in the United Kingdom (and encourage all my friends and associates who support Israel to boycott your products as well), until such time that your government chooses to rescind their decision.

YOUR NAME [replace your name here]


Now the hard part, what are you going to get instead?


Courtesy of Michael N. W. Baigel


Jack replies:

Nuthin' easier. You have already suggested Irish whiskey. There is also Canadian whiskey. Nuthin' wrong with that. Try Crown Royal. And there is always Bourbon, which I prefer anyway. In my opinion, Wild Turkey is the last word in Bourbon but there are many fine brands to choose from: Old Granddad, Jack Daniels (which is called "sour mash whiskey" because it's made in Tennessee and not Kentucky). Or try straight rye; Old Overholt, which is reputed to have been US Grant's brand. To each his own.


THE SOLUTION: Just Goggle "Glen Breton"

Glen Breton Rare Canadian Single Malt Whisky is the only single malt whisky produced in Canada. It is produced by the traditional copper pot stills method using only three ingredients: Barley, Yeast and Water.

It can not be called 'Scotch' unless it is produced in Scotland, hence, Canadian Single Malt Whisky.

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