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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sent by Jack, with following caption:

Here is a video presentation laying out copious facts and observations of what I have been telling you for years is going on:

* The US is a one-party system. The Republican "Party" and the Democratic "Party" are merely the two branches of the ruling Money Party. They both work for the same masters.
* Those masters are the global power elite, which has been, until now, a low profile, nearly hidden, de facto world government. This closet world government operates through six main branches: government, the media, the major universities, the major financial institutions, the biggest corporations (“big business”) and multinational institutions, such as the IMF, GATT, the World Bank, etc., with the four top think tanks (CFR, Chatham House and Trilateral Commission, all meeting together periodically as the Bilderberg Group) comprising the nerve center. In probably every country, there are members of a ruling elite who are willing to sell their countries out for a personal place in this world government and a share in world power. That, in all its aspects, is what I call “The Grid.”
* The move to world government has gone public and its proponents have unveiled the image: fascistic control of the world with the world’s people in utter peonage, with no rights, subject to being drafted into labor assignments serving the state.
* The enforcement mechanisms are already in place, complete with detention camps.
* It is necessary to get off the Grid as much as possible in as many ways as possible. If enough people get off the Grid as much as they can soon enough, I believe the Grid will collapse and people will be able to take their countries back.

Watch this video one evening instead of a movie. And then ask about ways to get off the grid.


DS comments:

Make sure to read the very damning document I posted yesterday:

Rote says:

I remember this -- but remember Tarpley is one of those guys who believe the Jews are running a global drug trade with the Queen of England. He is a LaRouche lackey

and Alex Jones who narrates this is a complete Jew hating freak who puts Tarpley to shame. Tarpley is also a plagiarist, Compare his work about Bush and Nazi funds to that of Loftus.

I am not saying the Bushrak is great, but Tarpley and Jones deserve nothing more than their character presents, certainly not to acknowledge them because their role is to only demean Jews, The reporting is just a means.

Jack replies:

Tnx for the heads up. I hate quoting things from jerks, even when they are right. I was more interested in the less sensationalistic, more serious, informed and together types he interviewed, particularly interested in Daniel Estulin, who is the one who has been spying, apparently successfully, on the Bilderbergers.

DS comments:

From what I know, the plan is the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE REVIVED, UNDER LEADERSHIP OF THE GERMAN POPE. Don't forget that the Queen of England is a SUBALTERN OF THE POPE , remember the Order of the Golden Fleece, and how King Juan Carlos, the pope's right hand man, is the leader. Therefore if these ANGLO-SAXONS are attempting to take over the world, my question is, FOR WHOM ARE THEY WORKING?. Just like the movie asked for whom Obama is working, I am asking the same question about them. These are obviously people of enormous power, but are they THE head power of the gang? And don't forget the OVERLAPPING IDEOLOGIES OF OBAMA'S AND BENEDIKT's, as we clearly saw. Obama is also the LACKEY OF ROME.

I hope Eric Phelps has an answer to this question.

Furthermore, in Megillat Eichah, which we just read for Tisha Be'Av, written by the prophet Yirmiyahu, Jeremiah, he says: I-5:

Hayu Tsareiha Lerosh: Her adversaries have become her master (a head)....( Artscroll)...the Alshich notes that Rosh is singular, whereas Tsareiha, her adversaries, is plural. He explains that Israel's enemies - nations that historically , had differences among themselves - now combined. He translates thus: The adversaries of Israel placed ONE CHIEF over themselves, combining forces UNDER ONE COMMAND to combat Israel.....

And knowing that words of the prophets are forever.....

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