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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama's Real African Roots Revealed - Surprising Background Information Explores His Hatred of Whites.

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No American should oppose anyone for political office because his family origin – be it Italian, Polish, African, or Japanese.  But these same characteristics should offer no one protection from criticism for moral, ideological, or political reasons.  With that as an axiom, I find it of value to study the family history of our current president – to see the roots of his thinking, his ideological heritage.  The questions raised are unsettling, to say the least.  --  Allan

Obama's Real African Roots Revealed

July 17, 2009  Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.    Family Security Matters

Since assuming the office, President Barack Obama has become increasingly vocal about his African roots and Muslim heritage.

 "I have the blood of Africa within me," Mr. Obama told the Ghanaian Parliament last Saturday.

 This is all well and good, save for the President's statement in Dreams from My Father that he was proud that his late Kenyan grandfather had become a Muslim, since this conversion offered proof that he was anti-white.

 Questions concerning Mr. Obama's background and heritage have been circulating throughout the Web since he announced his candidacy for the nation's highest office.

Was he born in Kenya and not Hawaii? If so, he becomes immediately disqualified from occupying the Oval Office?

 Was he raised as a Muslim and not a Christian? If so, he stands as an Islamic apostate whom the leaders of Islamic countries are obliged to shun. [NOTE: Actually, being born of one muslim parent and no longer observing "the true faith," he is a murtadd fitri, and must be killed by any observant muslim, according to the fatwa of Maraji.]

 Was his father a Communist? If so, his far left leanings, including his friendship with William Ayers and Bernadine Dohm, become readily explainable.

 Were his forefathers militant racists, who became engaged in murderous activities against the white settlers in Kenya? If so, his affiliations with Jeremiah Wright and the racially charged UCC in Chicago represent an extenuation of a family pattern.

 What do we know about the 46th President?

 Are there any skeletons in his closet?

 Has he been truthful to the American people about his heritage and background?

 Several facts concerning his African lineage have come to light – and most are unsettling.

His father was a dedicated Communist who bore a hatred for the United States.

His grandfather was a KCA (read Mau-Mau*) terrorist, who had been locked up in a prison for sedition.

[* NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Mau-Mau Black Terrorists' activities, look it up for a real shocker!]

 Almost all of his African relatives were devout Muslims who practiced polygamy.

Some were liars, deceivers, and charlatans.

 Some were headstrong, intemperate, and, at times, violent.

 Almost all of his African family were and are avowed black racists.

 The apple, as the adage goes, never falls far from tree.

 Let's hope for the sake of America that the saying lacks merit.

 Hussein Onyango Obama (c. 1895-1979), was the President's paternal grandfather. He fought in British uniform during the Second World War, returning with a gramophone and a picture of a white woman he claimed to have married in Burma.

 The picture, a framed etching of a female aristocrat with long black hair, hangs alongside the photos of the Mr. Obama in the two room house of Sarah Onyango., who lives in the remote village of Nyangoma-Kogelo in Kenya. "She is very beautiful," said Sarah Onyango, the third or fourth wife of the President's grandfather.

 As a young man, Onyango Obama toyed with Christianity, and briefly changed his name to Johnson. He later rejected this religious dalliance as "foolish sentiment" and converted to Islam. The President's extended family members in Kenya remain devout Muslims, despite an erroneous report by the Associated Press that Sarah Onyango is a Christian.

 Becoming a Muslim in pre-World War II Kenya was extraordinary, since 90 percent of the country remained Christian.

 After the war, Onyango served as a cook for the household of a British military commander. He also became involved with the Kikuyu Central Association (KCA), a radical organization that sought to drive the British settlers from Kenya by violence. Many members of the Association became leaders of the Mau Mau Movement that spread terror throughout Kenya during the 1950s.

 Members of the KCA [Mau-Mau] were obliged to take an oath to fight and defend themselves against all white colonists and Western European intruders. The oath included animal sacrifice and the ingestion of blood. The ritual reportedly also included cannibalism, ritual zoophilia with goats and other animals, and sexual orgies.

 Did Onyango engage in such activities?

 Did he partake of human flesh?

 Did he engage in sexual congress with a goat?

 The mainstream press has attempted to ward off such allegations by pointing out that the President's grandfather was involved with the KCA and not the Mau-Mau. But, in truth, there is no distinction between the two terrorists groups. The Mau-Maus never referred to themselves by this pejorative term (its origins remain unknown). They always insisted that they represented the KCA.

 In Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama writes that his grandfather served six months in prison and was later found innocent to the charges of belonging to a terrorist organization and overt sedition.

 But Onyango remained incarcerated in a high security prison for over two years.

 "To arrest a Luo ex-soldier, who must have been a senior figure in the community, is pretty serious," said Professor David Anderson, director of the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford and an authority on the Mau Mau rebellion. They must have had some damn good evidence."

 The severity of Onyango's crimes is further evidenced by the fact that he was transported and confined to the Kamiti prison, a national maximum-security facility outside Nairobi.

Sarah Onyango refutes President Obama's contention that his grandfather was innocent by admitting that her late husband confessed to the charges but only after being whipped and tortured by the African warders.

 "He said they would sometimes squeeze his testicles with parallel metallic rods," Mrs. Onyango, now 87 recalls. "They also pierced his nails and buttocks with a sharp pin, with his hands and legs tied together with his head facing down."

 Some elements of Mrs. Onyango's account of her husband's torture remain questionable, if not quaggy. She recounts an especially horrific incident in which the "white soldiers" sprayed her husband's body with "an itching chemical," which caused him to scratch his head and torso until he drew blood. Almost certainly, Professor Anderson says, Mr. Onyango was being treated for body lice.

 Onyango's hatred of whites was sealed by his years in prison and, throughout the 1950s, he took part in rallies and demonstrations against the country's colonial rule.

 The Mau Mau Movement resulted in the deaths of over 1,850 men, women, and children – most were hacked to pieces by machetes. Hundreds more disappeared; their bodies never found.

 In the Journal of African History, Kenyan historian, Bethwell Ogot, writes: "The Mau Mau, contrary to African customs and values, assaulted old people, women and children. The horrors they practiced included the following: decapitation and general mutilation of civilians, torture before murder, bodies bound up in sacks and dropped in wells, burning the victims alive, gouging out of eyes, splitting open the stomachs of pregnant women. No war can justify such gruesome actions. In man's inhumanity to man there is no race distinction The Africans were practicing it on themselves."

 The British responded to the Mau Mau uprising with draconian violence. By the end of the conflict, 11,503 terrorists had been killed, most of them Kikuyu.

 Barack Obama Sr., Mr. Onyango's son and the President-elect's father, inherited his father's attitudes towards the colonial power. He was arrested for attending a meeting in Nairobi of the Kenya African National Union (Kanu), the organization which spearheaded the independence movement and the election of Jomo Jenyatta as Kenya's first black president.

 Sarah Onyango recalls that the President's father, unlike her husband, was only confined for a short time in "white man's prison."

 Barack Sr., however, became a direct beneficiary of his father's association with the Mau-Maus when Kenyatta came to power. In 1960, he traveled on a scholarship to the University of Hawaii, as part of a program (sponsored by John F. Kennedy) to train young Kenyans to rule their own country.

 The President's stepgrandmother says that the combative spirit shown by her husband during Kenya's bloody independence struggle has passed down through the generations to the future president. "This family lineage has all along been made up of fighters," she maintains, pointing out that her husband fought physically with the white man," while President Obama is fighting the same fight "using his brain."

 What happened to Barack Sr. in Hawaii?

 What other skeletons remain locked in the Obama closet?

 Stay tuned.

Addendum: WND

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks why Obama
avoided ancestral homeland on Africa trip
Posted: July 18, 2009

1:00 am Eastern

By Joseph Farah

Barack Obama had some interesting things to say in Italy to a group of African leaders.

We don't have a transcript of the exact words. What we have instead is an account from Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Froman.

"He shared a personal story," explained Froman. "Everybody knows that his father was from Kenya, that he still has relatives living in poverty, and that while he's president of the United States, he feels poverty in a very personal way because of his family situation."

Now understand the context of this statement. Obama was talking about a plan he and other G-8 leaders have been working on to transfer more of your wealth to Africa.

Obama has managed to accumulate quite a bit of wealth himself very quickly through his community organizing and book-writing. Apparently, he doesn't feel any sense of personal responsibility toward his own family members in Kenya, many of whom he actually knows through his visits there. Instead, he feels only a "collective" sense of responsibility in which all Americans should be coerced into making life better for his relatives.

Do you get the picture here?

Froman continued to paraphrase Obama: "His cousin in Kenya can't find a job without paying a bribe, and that's not the fault of the G-8. And when companies can't operate without paying, in some parts of Africa, without paying the 25 percent fee off the top in bribes, that's not colonialism."

Let the world know you stand with the Constitution and transparency. Display the "Where's the Birth Certificate?" magnetic bumper sticker.

What Obama appears to be saying here is that it doesn't matter who is taking a cut of the action – it's still destructive to the economy. But isn't that exactly what Obama proposes to do here in the U.S. to pay for all his programs – be it "cap and trade" or nationalized health care? Doesn't he want the federal government to take its cut of the action? And isn't that action far bigger than the 25 percent shakedown fee being collected by the thugs in Kenya?

I also just can't help but wonder what, if anything, Obama has done personally to help his destitute relatives in Kenya. I'm glad that he feels a sense of compassion for them. But he has the material wealth to aid them. Has he done so? Can he show us through that example how transferring wealth results in long-term success? If it doesn't work on a personal basis – family member to family member – why does he expect it to work through the coercive power of government?

I think you know where I'm going: He doesn't expect it to raise the standard of living in those foreign countries. That's not even the point. The point of these programs is to lower the standard of living right here in the U.S. That's his goal.

One other amazing comment by Obama in this meeting was translated for the public through Froman's statements to the press.

He said the president shared that when his father, Barack Obama Sr., came to the United States from Kenya, that African nation's GDP was higher than Korea's.

(Column continues below)

There's a couple of historical reasons for that:

* Kenya was then under the colonial rule of Great Britain.

* South Korea had just been laid to waste by an invasion from the north. The devastation of that war can hardly be overstated. The city of Seoul, today a sophisticated and wealthy metropolis comparable to the very biggest cities in the U.S., was destroyed – with not a significant building standing.

Today, the country that did that damage, North Korea, is literally starving. Americans cannot even comprehend the poverty and misery of the place. People eat grass to survive. They are deprived of the most basic freedoms in a totalitarian nightmare world. It is hell on earth. That's all because government runs everything – at the point of a gun.

South Korea, on the other hand, went a different direction. It gave its people freedom – free enterprise – and the results were spectacular. The country was rebuilt from devastation in one generation.

Obama either doesn't get this, or, more frighteningly, he does understand it.

He doesn't want us to choose the path of South Korea. Instead, his model is total state control – like North Korea.

But there's even more to this story.

Obama was complaining about the rotten conditions in Kenya. What he didn't say was that rotten government in Kenya was installed in a crooked election he helped finance and engineer.

As senator, he raised money for the corrupt politician in charge in Kenya – and now he has the "audacity," and I use that word advisedly, to complain about the bed he made there.

Notice he avoided going to Kenya on this African trip.


Did he just want to avoid running into those impoverished relatives?

Or did he not want to give the press a chance to associate him with the corruption he sowed in that country?


Davey wrote:

You might have noticed that I don't forward such articles these days. Although they are thoroughly researched, factually accurate and very well written, they are also totally ineffective. They make no impact on or difference to anyone. I have been forced to conclude that what everybody is doing by bouncing all these articles around the Net is only a self-serving academic exercise that is little more than preaching to the choir. They either do not reach the people who really matter or these same people studiously and stubbornly ignore them. I see this as a terrible tragedy, but facts are facts.


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