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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

D9 outpost alert? תזוזת די-ניין לאן? התרעה



Where are they bringing the D9 to?


The six D-9 that arrived in the chativa of Gush Etzion on Thursday are being moved this very moment.

Where to ?? we ask


Those are the D9 that raised our suspicion and because of which we asked Rav Lior what to do on Shabbat in case of outpost removal.


Mitchell is coming in a few days. Is the government preparing a "present" for Mitchell in the form

of a destruction of outposts?


Sadly we doubt the D9 are going to be used for the destruction of the illegal Arab construction that has spread all over israel, in Judea, samaria, Galil, Negev and Jerusalem.


An additional proof of their anti-zionistic intent of the D9 is the fact that the drivers of the semi trailer tried to prevent us from filming the trucks and filming their faces. 


It wont help them. We will continue the struggle for the land of Israel and continue to build and settle and expand in it.


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