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Sunday, July 26, 2009

NOISE TORTURE! Assault on the Shabbat; and not only in Jerusalem...

Deafening arab music in Kiryat Arba on Shabbat; you can see how close to our homes they built their houses, ON PURPOSE ( we were here first!).


Shavuah Tov to all,

This Shabbat must have been one of the most upsetting Shabbatot I spent in memory; not because of the heat, and not because of the nine days: because of an all-out ASSAULT ON SHABBAT BY ARABS IN RAMAT-MAMRE (Givat Hacharsina ), the neighborhood of Kiryat Arba across the valley where Arabs have set up residence, building their homes closer and closer to the fence, where I live.

After a long week of hard work, Shabbat had barely descended upon our usually peaceful community; a time of great delight every week, when silence descends upon Israel; Shabbat is palpable in the air, noise stops, and we can finally breathe a little bit better, and enjoy "Oneg Shabbat".

... but not this week: barely time for Kabbalat Shabbat, and the infernal noise broadcast via loudspeaker started... and wouldn't stop until way after midnight.

Read below: this is a recurring problem during the summer: the Arabs hold very loud weddings outdoors, and they also make sure to turn on their loudspeakers full blast in our direction; they have also built their homes as close as possible to the fence, and weddings in the summer are a frequent occurrence. They usually have more than one wedding at a time, so this creates a real cacophony. For about 10 minutes a night, I don't mind a little peasant music once in a while, it is actually sort of quaint; but when they blast their loudspeakers in a most aggressive manner,specially on Shabbat, turning them on and off, louder, less loud, in an absolutely maddening way, it is not only a nuisance; it is AGGRESSION, pure and simple. Everybody knows that they do this deliberately, to make our lives impossible. Not to mention the gunshots being fired non-stop throughout the night, and the fireworks - see the report below, how a car in the Tapuach junction thought it was being shot at, and it turned out it was a 'wedding',

Yeah,'weddings'. We need to give them a little dose of "weddings" too! As I was sharing my distress with my neighbors, who were equally upset, and mentioned how it ruined their HEALTH even; and after trying without success to have a message conveyed to the local police - don't forget, it was Shabbat, so we were unable to CALL and complain, so messages had to be relayed as best we could - I finally walked over to the home of a local policeman I don't know, knocked at his door, and told his wife ( he wasn't home, being on duty that night), who is also a Shabbat observant person , that unless the police starts acting against this, I would make sure that 150 cars blare their loudspeakers on a Friday , THEIR rest day, next to their homes, starting at 6:00 AM, and going non-stop all day long, until they get the message, and beg us to stop.

And then this morning, about 8:30, heavy machinery, which is NEVER heard , was started , coming from them, again, and would not stop until the evening.

Shabbat was just maddening, and NOT RESTFUL AT ALL. I am still shaking from it all. This is real psychological - and physical- abuse; read below how noise was used against the Branch Davidians in Texas to GET THEM TO LEAVE THEIR COMPOUND. Noise is also listed as a form of torture, secretly used so as not to leave a trace. This is an abuse that cannot be allowed to continue; TIME TO USE THE CORRECT TERMINOLOGY: it has to be called by its right name; not weddings, not noisy neighbors: VIOLATION OF OUR HUMAN RIGHTS, AGGRESSION, ABUSE, HATE CRIME, EVEN TORTURE OF THE JEWS , SPECIALLY ON OUR REST DAY.

Surprisingly, somebody in the North had a similar idea on how to tackle  the same problem- read below.

. And knowing the CLOSE RELATIONSHIP between Arabs, the AMERICANS, the PTB, and our government, knowing that the defense establishment routinely USES ARABS TO HURT US, I would not be surprised that this is one more weapon of the PTB to try to get us out of here. The police is not moving a finger against them, and the ABUSE CONTINUES.




Just look at these pictures: doesn't it look like Nazi Germany? ...

1.INN -Protests by hareidi-religious Jews against the opening of the Karta parking lot in Jerusalem continued over the Sabbath, with some 500 protesters converging on Bar-Ilan Street. Protesters attempted to march to the parking facility but were halted by police. Several protesters were arrested for rock throwing, police said.

This was the fifth week in a row that hareidi-religious Jews have protested the opening of the parking lot.

2.Ynet: Jerusalem protests resume

After relatively calm week, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators protest opening of parking lot on Shabbat; two haredim detained on suspicion of hurling stones at vehicles traveling on Bar-Ilan Street; no injuries reported

Protest goes on: After a relatively calm week in the capital, ultra-Orthodox protests have resumed in Jerusalem Saturday afternoon

About 500 haredim gathered on Shivtei Israel Street in order to protest the opening of the municipal Karta parking lot on Shabbat. Police forces deployed at the scene ahead of time in an effort to maintain order.


Police at disputed parking lot (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


Meanwhile, several haredim arrived at the disputed parking lot and attempted to block its entrance to protest the decision to open it on Shabbat.

Police forces dispatched to the scene removed the ultra-Orthodox from the site. Elsewhere, two young haredim were detained on Bar-Ilan Street in the capital on suspicion of hurling stones at passing vehicles. No injuries were reported in the incident, but several vehicles were reportedly damaged.

 Recent protests in Jerusalem focused on the arrest of an ultra-Orthodox mother suspected of starving her three-year-old son. The demonstrations abated after the mother was sent to house arrest last weekend.

 The recent wave of haredi riots in Jerusalem started after city hall decided to open the Safra parking lot on Shabbat. The initiative led to violent riots by thousands of haredim in the capital and left six police officers injured.[DS - and how many Haredim were injured??]

 Following the clashes, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat offered a compromise: Opening the Karta parking lot instead of Safra, yet the proposal was rejected as well by the ultra-Orthodox, who continued to riot on the following Saturdays.

3.( INN)In response to an earlier report of gunshots fired in Samaria at an Israeli vehicle driving near Shechem, the IDF said that after an investigation it had determined that no shots had been fired.

The sounds of gunshots had actually been made by fireworks set off by Arabs in the area, the army said.

4.( Ynet)Beethoven to the rescue

Northern residents upset at loud Arab music from nearby village respond with classical tunes

Officials at a northern Israel community found an original way to protest the unbearable noises coming from weddings in a nearby Arab village: "Bombarding" their Arab neighbors with classical music.

If you happened to be in the Kfar Vradim area Thursday night you would have been able to enjoy Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Mozart's Requiem and Puccini's opera Tosca. The pieces were played at high volume in Kfar Vradim and were heard miles away.  

Kfar Vradim (Photo: Elad Gershgoren)

By now, Kfar Vradim residents are intimately familiar with a recurring annoyance: Every summer, once wedding season is underway in nearby Arab villages, Jewish residents complain of Arab music being played at a loud volume until the wee hours of the night. The weddings are routinely followed b
y angry calls to police. In some cases, the music is turned down for a short while, only to resume shortly after"'I 've lost all patience" said one Kfar Vradim resident. "At 11:01 pm I call the police in order to complain. I'm one of the regular callers. Our bedroom faces Tarshiha and it is just impossible to sleep with this noise. Some days you can't sit in the backyard. The level of disturbance changes in line with the wind direction; sometimes it feels as though the band is literally in our backyard. The noise is just awful."


Complaints are received from within the Arab village too. One Tahrshiha resident said this week: "We hear weddings from all directions. It's very disturbing. Christians hold their weddings at banquet halls, but Bedouins celebrate in their own yards, and the noise is a nuisance not just to their neighborhood but to the entire area." With all due respect to weddings, people have to get up for work in the morning," she said.

Kfar Vradim's musical reaction followed numerous failed attempts to engage in dialogue with Tarshiha residents. Finally, a decision was made to set up powerful loud speakers playing classical music for several hours.

A source affiliated with the council head explained why local official chose the unusual response: "We just felt we had no other choice; all of our attempts to explain that the loud music is undermining our quality of life have failed. But we have yet to despair; this week the council head scheduled a meeting with the village's dignitaries. He intends to explain to them again what his representatives have tried to explain in previous meetings: That residents of Kfar Vradim respect their neighbors' right to celebrate."

"On the other hand we have a reasonably sized population here that should not be forced to become an active participant in these celebrations. It's very disturbing, even in the early evening hours,"  the source said, adding that local officials have not been approached by their Arab neighbors following the classic music "performance."  

"It wasn't necessarily a one-time event, but we won't necessarily do it again. Everything will depend on developments. We are taking a series of actions, including purchasing a seismograph in order to render matters clear and not up for discussion or interpretation," he said.

"It's a long process which we hope to conclude successfully. However, if we are forced to play the music again we shall put the speakers closer to the neighbors' houses."




In a message dated 97-05-16 15:02:35 EDT, Ray Hattingh wrote:

<< Some years ago I came across the following, “About 2000 years ago the
Chinese discovered that noise can be used for torture. Criminals were
subjected to the constant ringing of bells which first drove them crazy and
then killed them.” >>

I have recently been invited to have a personal discussion with
the local police chief in order to talk about noise problems.

I have heard about noise torture. Does anyone have any references
to hard copy sources about this? I would like to find an authoritative
reference I could photocopy and hand to the police chief.


Did anyone else happen to hear this?

-- Michael Wright

I don't have any literature on noise torture. However, I do recall that
when I was a member of Amnesty International I used to read in their
newsletter about something used in Latin America called "ablandamiento", if
my Spanish is correct, or "softening up". The prisoner would be bound and
blindfolded and have a set of headphones put on him, which would play noise
continuously for 24 hours or more.

One thinks too of the use of loud music to drive people out of strongholds
or sanctuaries, e.g. Noriega in Panama, and the Branch Davidians in Texas.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

carried on in silence (official denial), semi-silence (known but not spoken about), or openly acknowledged in public (in order to instill fear and obedience).

In the 21st century, even when states sanction their interrogation methods, torturers often work outside the law. For this reason, some prefer methods that, while unpleasant, leave victims alive and unmarked. A victim with no visible damage may lack credibility when telling tales of torture, whereas a person missing fingernails or eyes can easily prove claims of torture. Mental torture, however can leave scars just as deep and long-lasting as physical torture.[68] Professional torturers in some countries have used techniques such as electrical shock, asphyxiation, heat, cold, noise, and sleep deprivation which leave little evidence, although in other contexts torture frequently results in horrific mutilation or death. However the most common and prevalent form of torture worldwide in both developed and under-developed countries is beating.
[citation needed]



Living creatures, ALL of them that have auditory systems are susceptible to sound parameters.
A well designed system will cause severe distress or even permanent damage to humans and besides that it can pulverize glass plates, etc. Not only hearing is susceptible to that.

And the police here also use at least annoying claxons and may use other such things when the unJews will attack us again.

He has some solutions for qualifying parties - write and comment if you think you have been a victim of noise terror, and we will send you the information. Proper identification required.



Hearing loss is bad as it is. But if you do not protect your hearing in music clubs, movie theaters or while working in the garden, you can contract tinnitus. Tinnitus that is induced by loud noise exposure is characterized as a constant sound that is only audible by yourself but not to anybody else.

Most reports fail to mention Tinnitus although it can become chronic, even the first time it occurs. And it can occur at any age. Contracting tinnitus is a life changing event for most people that are affected by it. There is no cure, only treatments that might or might not help improve the condition.

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