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Monday, July 6, 2009

"Israel Authorizes More Weapons for PA Forces" - STOP THEM!!!

Chaya sent this:

Shalom my dear friends, anyone familiar with the power of this vehicle????
Is the State of Israel REALLY so pressured by the world (and that's NO EXCUSE!!!) as to let the Palestinian Authority to get
It isn't too late - the 50 vehicles are STILL IN JORDAN.   STOP THEM!!! (and not the settlements!!!).
Can anyone explain why the PA needs an AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE???  Is it to bring them to GAZA where they can easily infiltrate ASHKELON??? or through the Dead Sea to attack JERUSALEM (a VERY famous army-trick to attack Jerusalem from eons ago)???
From link below:  "Israel has authorized the transfer but opposes the installation of heavy machine guns on the vehicles that the PA is demanding.
Pal-------eeeze.  This vehicle is an ARMY vehicle
And also from source below:  "Barak has authorized the transfer of 1,000 Kalashnikov rifles to forces [PLO-Fatah terrorists!] controlled by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas [Shoah-Ph.D. denier & hijacker of the Achille Lauro]."
Why is Israel letting the PA have an army - yet saying they can't? 
And an old Question of mine:  Why is Israel continuing the farce of PLO/Fatah 'loving' the State of Israel?
Israel Authorizes More Weapons for PA Forces   by David Lev   07/06/09, 3:37 PM
..."Several months ago, Russia donated fifty BTR-70 armored vehicles to the PA; they are being prepared in Jordan and delivery to PA forces is expected soon. "
My friends, please familiarize yourselves with this BTR-70:
BTR-70 Amphibious armored personnel carrier
Crew 3 + 8 passengers
Range 373 miles (600 km)
Fuel Capacity  92 gal (350 l)
Road Speed 50 mph (80 km/h)
Cross Country Speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)
Swim Speed: 6.2 mph (10 km/h)
Fording Depth: Amphibious
Grade: 60%
Side Slope: 40%
Trench Crossing: 6.6 ft (2.0 m)
Vertical Wall Climb:  1.6 ft (0.5 m)
PROTECTION:  Armor:  Hull: 0.39 in (10 mm). Turret: 0.28 in (7 mm)
NBC Protection System: Yes
   -  14.5mm KPVT heavy machine gun;  Mount: Turret;  Typical Ammo Load: 500
   -  7.62mm PKT machine gun;   Mount: Coaxial to main gun;  Typical Ammo Load: 2,000
The BTR-70 (Bronetransporter-70) is a fully amphibious vehicle that is propelled through the water by a single water jet at the rear of the hull. The vehicle has an all-welded hull with improved protection over its frontal arc, as compared to the original BTR-60 series. The nose is also wider and the front of the vehicle provides added protection to the front wheels.

The commander and driver are seated at the front with the commander on the right and the driver on the left. The troop compartment is to the rear of the turret and the engine compartment is at the rear of the vehicle. The BTR-70 has a filtration and overpressurization system for NBC protection.

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