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Friday, January 2, 2009

Typical Galuti Jewish response. Why not just vacate Jerusalem altogether, and return to Poland??? And how about just LOCKING UP THE ROCK-THROWERS, did they ever hear of that??? Have they forgotten who is boss?????

Jerusalem Bus Line Changed to Avoid Rock Throwing

Tevet 6, 5769, 02 January 09 09:40

( Jerusalem police confirmed on Thursday that they had instructed the Egged bus company to change the route of Line 23, so as to avoid rock-throwing residents of the predominantly Arab parts of the capital on Salah-ad-Din Street, according to Haaretz. The decision followed a number of violent clashes between demonstrators and police in the area over the last few days.

The line services employees and parties who need to go to the Jerusalem District Court. A police source said on Thursday that the police preferred invconveniencing  these people to endangering all the passengers.

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