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Monday, January 5, 2009

Re: 'We lost our homes for nothing,' says reservist from former Gaza settlement

Adina said:

True justice would be that each and every expulsion proponent would have one of their own offspring fighting on the front lines in Gaza. The tragic irony of this is that most of their rotten offspring are jobniks,or live abroad like Olmert's wayward progeny!

After our boys crush Hamas, they should regroup and lead the charge to oust this vile regime which brought them back into Gaza, and let the entire south smolder as rockets and missiles explode around the hapless citizens.

IF there were ever a justification for regime change this is it. The ones who are directly responsible for the current disaster on our heads can't then be the ones who will receive praise for a 'job well done'. That would be a travesty of untold proportions.

By the way, never again should the IDF be allowed to be used as a pawn against their own brothers and sisters. It won't be Hamas that will break them, but turning them against fellow Jews will.


DS replies: AGREED. AMEN.

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