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Friday, January 9, 2009

Re: Shin Bet has Warnings of Planned Attacks Against Synagogues

You are welcome. The big question we have to ask, though, is:

What is the part that the Shabak itself will be playing in these attacks? After all, at Mercaz the Harav terror attack, I have no doubt that the Shabak, or whoever it is, police, CIA, etc, were ACCOMPLICES, if not PRIME MOVERS, of these attacks.

So , if Chas veChalila there is one in Jerusalem or elsewhere, we should really check carefully WHO THE PERPETRATOR(s) IS/are. I bet you , at the end it will turn out it is not Hamas at all, but Fatah, or PFLP, or another one of those groups, affiliated with the Shabak and the NWO.

So let's keep our eyes open, and let's PRAY that nothing happens.

Shabbat Shalom


Adina wrote:

DS, thanks. I forwarded this to my son ... in Jerusalem. He learns at different yeshivas in the evenings depending on which friend he is with, in particular he tutors Talmud once a week at..... I never asked him about the security there. He also goes every morning to a shul in the German Colony near his house. The last thing on his mind when he enters these places is the security.....

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Subject: Shin Bet has Warnings of Planned Attacks Against Synagogues

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