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Friday, January 2, 2009

Re: "the MAP": Dependence of Midwest on Mississippi Outlet; some important comments.

nik says:

this russian prof is not predicting anything... the slime have been planning this since their designs failed at the end of the civil war... he's just let in on their secret to make him look like a prophet and so that the slime can desguise their hand in the involvement of this nefarious plot... slime to the end they do not even have the courage to do their evil in broad daylight... they resort to surrogateds to do their bidding and dirty work for them... they are dark, depraved and diseased of mind and soul and their only goal they crave is raw, naked power to weild over every human soul and body... we are at war for our survival and we know it not... we are as good as dead... the only thing... THE ONLY THING... that can save us now sans Hashem stepping in and sending moshiach (or any other nes ~ miracle he wishes)... the only thing besides this that can possibly rescue us is a coup d'etat of both armies against their gov'ts. israel's and america's... that's it... we've let things go too far and we have remained asleep far too long... it is already way too late for any of us here or in israel to do anything to stop this death and churban of mankind now... only the rebellion of these 2 armies... and both of them... neither one indep. will be sufficient... these are the only 2 armies in the world strong enough in tandem to deal a death-blow once and for all to the jesuits and rothchilds and royals of europe along with their traitrous and perfidious elite slime lackeys here in the u.s.... the likes of the du ponts, morgans, carnegies, vanderbilts, astors, rocky's, kissingers and bushes, et al... nik. in a rage of righteous indignation... OUT!!!

While Eric Phelps comments:

(compliments of Carl ; -frankly some things are not clear to me in E. Phelps's map, and at any rate, I wonder, what does he base his predictions on? Obviously he is no prophet either, so what are his sources? I am waiting for an answer, hopefully) DS


Dear Brethren and Friends,
The following is my analysis as to the coming invastion and partition of the US and Canada:
Hawaii going to China/Japan Far East alliance:  Agreed.
Alaska going to Russia:  Agreed.
Over half of North America (US and Canada) will be taken by the Sino-Soviet invaders.
Canada: Sino-Soviet invaders will absorb the country from Vancouver to the borders of Quebec.
US: Sino-Soviet invaders will absorb the broken American empire from the Pacific to at least the Mississippi River,
possibly to the borders of western Pennsylvania.
US: Sino-Moslem invaders will absorb the broken American empire from the Gulf of Mexico up to
Washington, D.C.  These invaders will finish off the apostate Protestant Reformation's Bible-belt of the South.
US: European Union forces will occupy the eastern seaboard from at least Phildelphia up to New York City,
continuning north up through Maine into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and west into all of Quebec.
This is nearly an entirely White Roman Catholic block of peoples.  After the Order's DHS takes the Jews, Blacks,
Bible-believeing Protestant/Baptist Christians and resident Moslems to the death camps,
this area will be nearly entirely White Roman Catholic---a perfect edition to the pope's
revived Holy Roman Empire of Europe.
In Conclusion:
The US Northeast (from interstate 80 and above) will be occupied by the White Roman Catholic European Union forces.
The US Southeast (former Old-South Bible belt) will be occupied by the Chinese/Moslem invaders shipped from
Mauritania and Senegal to Cuba and Bahamas, then into the US.  The last alien Roman Catholic Latino invaders 
will then be extirminated, if they have survived the previous race war and the White fascist forces of the DHS.
Washington, DC, will be a partitioned city as was Berlin during the pope's Cold War.  This will create the illusion
that China and Russia are enemies of the European Union, further uniting the peoples of Europe.  (The Moslems,
after festering anti-Jewish fury in Europe resulting in the murder and/or the driving out of Europe's Jews to Israel,
will then be extirminated by united European fascist forces as per the movie V for Vendetta.)
The US West and Midwest will be occupied by a unified Sino-Soviet force.
The coming North American Union will cease to exist at the time of its Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion.
The NAU will have served its purpose in waging Rome's Crusade against the Shia Moslem populations
(Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and their CIA-created terrorist groups, especially Shia-led Hamas).
The Sunni Moslem world will then be united to invade "the Great Satan" after the Arabian and Jerusalem Mosques
are blown-up, which "inside jobs" of the pope's Freemasonic Islamic leaders will then blamed on US forces in the region. 
The American Empire's chief creditors are Sunni/Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and China/Japan.  The Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion
into the US will be a huge repossession of land, people and assests deemed to be theirs due to the immense US debt
held by Chinese and Saudi Arabian banks.  Americans who survive the pope's DHS will have to face these invaders.
A source has stated that tens of millions of surviving Americans will be deporated to Asia and put into slavery.
Millions of White women will be driven into prostitution and thrown into Moslem harems.  No wonder, for they
have played the harlot for the last sixty years, now their dreams can come true as they become the
concubines of their new foreign masters.  Any refusals by these "prizes of war" and they will be beaten to death.
The Chinese and the Moslem men do not believe in the socialist-communist doctrine of "universal equality"
between men and women, and violently demonstrate their male supremacy on a regular basis.  The American slogan,
"You have come a long way baby," will end in this nightmare for the "liberated" White American women who killed
their children in the womb by the tens of millions, and who also enslaved their White men via divorce, child support 
and alimony payments using the pope's Freemasonic courts which, by design, have favored the "liberated"
White American women.
A source has stated that the Chinese/Moslems will kill all the Blacks of the Carribean, including Jamacia, Cuba,
Bahamas, as well as the West Indies.  With the Chinese/Japanese/Korean intense hatred for all American
Blacks in general (both Majority Savage Blacks and Minority Civil Blacks) and with Fifth Column Chinese in these
countries at this moment, the mass-extirpation is not out of the question.  It appears that North America,
for the most part being the land of Shem, will be given back to the descendants of Shem---the Asians led by the Chinese.
Therefore, for those few of us White Protestants and Baptists who are seeking to preserve our race, language and culture
born out of the Protestant Reformation, I recommend that we relocate in the New England states
beginning anywhere north of Interstate 80 that runs through Pennsylvania.  With the coming mass-crime wave
and subsequent race war/Civil War II, we need to be out of harm's way, namely away from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
and everything between those White Roman Catholic, pro-sodomite and Majority Savage Black cities.
The White Protestant counties of Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks are slated for destruction,
the White Protestant and Baptist peoples of those counties situated between Philadelphia and
the East Shore of Harrisburg (the mayor of Harrisburg being and flagrant sodomite) which areas are
Majority Savage Black (as opposed to the Minority Civil Blacks) hating all Whites in general......

(E. Phelps)

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