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Friday, January 9, 2009



It strengthens him because before this he looked like a wimp. He was hated, people were furious at him for allowing the rockets to fall non -stop. He is not really running against a right-winger, but they wanted to kick him out of Labor, of politics altogether. Now Kadima, Labor, etc, is looking good in the eyes of the wishy-washy Rishon/Ashdod/Ashkelon crowd, the really stupid ones who make their decisions based on the Israeli newspapers and from TV. And he looks like the tough general, which Israelis love. Makes them feel secure.

I like the way you describe the starting line, You're right!

If you lived here, I think you'd get it, because you'd be reading the news day by day.

I think we are fighting in order to:

1. get Barak reelected to some important position, such as defense minister; and to get Kadima reelected, mostly, rather than Bibi.

2. make sure Abbas can stay in his position, and can rule Gaza instead of Hamas, and

3.for  a palestinian state, as per orders of her royal highness condoleeza rice, as per wishes of the CFR and the Vatican - read the news if you don't believe me

If, at the same time, there is some calm in Sderot, and some Israelis temporarily benefit as well,.... oh, well, what can we do: we win some, we lose some.

That is the POLITICAL view.

Maybe that is why the government couldn't clearly express their goal of the war: the truth is just too shocking, cynical  and despicable.

On the other hand, there is the SPIRITUAL VIEW, as per that Mekubal Leon Levi, who thinks the battle is very real and is for survival.

And , according to Eliakim Haetzni, it is better if Hamas is vanquished, but not eliminated, so Hamas and Fatah can keep at each other's throat, and a palestinian state doesn't come to be.

PS: you are not that old. Why do you FEEL that old?What''s wrong? I think you need a little bit of the air of Eretz Hakodesh, it would rejuvenate you!


On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:37 AM, Zerach <> wrote:
Hey D,

My only comment here is what a joke. Let's just reelect barak now and dispense with Gaza once and for all.

How many times can we make the same mistake again and again. We left lebanon, we left gush katif and so on. Each time the violence has gotten closer to home. They don't need longer range rockets, we just keep moving the starting line closer. There is no chance of true Bitachon in the Israeli meaning of the word.

I am confused. Why does this strenghten barak? The liberals who vote for him are the same who would give away all the land for peace, will still vote for him. The Chassidim don't want the land (and they say they don't use government resources). The russians will fight because they are told to... But so many are not Jewish so "cause" is not in their directives.

The charreidim who fight and the settlers who really fight won't reelect him.

So, why are we fighting? If it were TO WIN I would be impressed. Its just politics as usual.

I must be growing stupid in my old age as I understand none of this.

Shabbat Shalom

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