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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Re: ... as expected, "settlers"...( and one from Yerushalayim)..... what should we think?... Baruck Dayan Emet; Hashem Yinkom et Damam; Zichronam Livracha.

DS replies:

Agreed , SHmuel. We know for a fact they were sent there intentionally: but what do you think of this FRIENDLY FIRE incident, with 3 killed so far, and 24 wounded: accident? Coincidence? [ not to mention a second friendly fire incident within a short time] Or another one of those "MODUS OPERANDI" situations, albeit on the battlefield? Is there any way to prove or disprove such a thing? Who does the investigation? Can the investigators be trusted? Or is the investigation done by soldiers with a secondary agenda, i.e. political affiliation, somehow, with the left? Is it even inappropriate to ask such questions in a time of war? But as a historical example, don't forget that even DAVID HAMELECH sent the husband of Batsheva to the battlefield to be killed. So if even David Hamelech was capable of such an ac., how much more so an unscrupulous, corrupt, criminal, traitorous leadership?!


SHmuel said:

We love them and will miss those great JEWS.
I despair at our passivity...
I said it many times and I will again do so. Sorry but it is just too much coincidence... One has to suspect that they ARE INTENTIONALLY sent there Daisy.  No Tel Avivians or kibbutznikim so far.  During the Lebanon II war was the same.

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