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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mattot Arim: another group fighting to change public opinion, this time with talkbacks. Tips on how to enter talkbacks efficiently.

The IDF's working hard - ARE WE?
The IDF is working hard, trying to pound the terrorists that took over the former Gush Katif. But we need to work hard, as well.
We need to IMMEDIATELY change the tide of public opinion, otherwise, Israel's foolish politicians will keep right on going after the elections next month. These politicians, mostly graduates of the Oslo and Gush Katif fiascos, will go right ahead to set up a Palestinian state, and leave the Golan, after which, yes, there will be rockets not only in Beer-Sheva and Ashdod, but also in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport and Haifa. So, this is an emergency
Can little people like us change public opinion? Yes we can. And we must. In the electronic age, even an individual can do a great deal - by adding "talkbacks" on Internet.

TIPS on how to enter talkbacks efficiently:
1. Pick your favorite talkback above, and copy it into lots of different articles in lots of different sites!
2. After you add a talkback to one article, click on "home" (or similar) to get back to the home page, which will allow you to click on another article within the same site!
3. If you try to add a talkback and nothing happens, the site is probably overloaded (millions of people are using these news-sites). Try another website, or wait till later.
4. Try late at night -- or early in the morning. The news sites might respond faster at those times.
5. If a particular article has more than 150 talkbacks already, just find another article.

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