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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here come the crocodile tears: isn't he an expert at that? He, of course, had NOTHING to do with either the war, or Gush Katif, or any of the disasters befalling Israel."I FEEL YOUR PAIN". Yes, Mr phony, for sure, you feel ALL OUR PAIN. Feh!

Peres Consoles Families of Fallen Soldiers

Tevet 12, 5769, 08 January 09 03:38

( President Shimon Peres paid a shivah (condolence) call on Thursday to the families of the soldiers Nitai Stern and Dagan Vartman.

"The State is obligated to thank you for your raising such a son. I know how deep the pain is. However, in your hearts, you should feel very proud," the President said to the soldiers' families.

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