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Thursday, January 8, 2009

An encouraging and supportive letter from one of our Christian friends: "Letter from Dr. Vineyard"

Adina sent this.

DS, this Pastor is very genuine. I know him for a while, I introduced
him to Tsafrir who he met several times while on his trips to Israel.
He told the 4,200 ! congregations under his auspices (as a leader of a
Baptist Ministry out of Oklahoma, called the Windsor Hills Baptist
Ministry) that as soon as Israel World Television was up and running,
that the community would get satellite subscriptions. His
congregations put their money where their mouths are. They raised
hundreds of thousands to rebuild the north after 2006, others came in
2005 to support Gush Katif, and now they pledged the thousands needed
to help some of the soldiers with much needed longjohns-of all things.

They believe in the literal promise of Israel to the Jews, and are
forbidden to act as missionaries to Jews. They are good people and
good friends.


DS replies:

That's beautiful, Adina, thank you. I feel a lot better, specially
after reading Bradley Burston's nauseating prayer for the children of
Gaza, in Haaretz ( it wouldn't be so bad if he at least had had the
decency to include OUR children; but no such luck), and reading all
the bleeding heart Israelis' amen corner. This nation has been
sickened as much as the arab babies; they both drank poison in their
mother's milk: the arabs: Jew hatred, and the Jews: Jew hatred as
well. Go check out that column, tell me if you are not disgusted.


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January 7, 2009

Dear Friends:

I write from a hotel room in Beersheba, Israel, which is close enough
to Gaza that the war can come this way unexpectedly.

We need to be in support of the hated Jews much more than we have been
even up until this time.
Therefore, we ought be letting them know, "Truly Born-Again Christians
are solidly in their corner."

And so, we Christians get the opportunity to let the Hebrew people
know that we are standing 150% behind them as they deal with Hamas,
HizbAllah, or whomever Satan and his gang throws at them.

My, oh my, how the Devil hates these people! Let me give you a little
history lesson which concerns the same Ishmaelite enemies they
(Israel) are now facing.

During WWI, Mr. Arthur Balfour persuaded the British Cabinet to pass
what became known as the Balfour Declaration, which declared this land
a national home for the Hebrews.

But, a veritable "pogrom," such as was prior to then, associated with
Tsarist Russia, took place in the Holy City of Jerusalem in April

To anyone who was observant at that time, any onlooker could see that
it was quite evident that mal-administration of the British Military
Authorities had such a hostile policy that inevitably it would lead to
outbreaks such as that April 1920 Pogrom.

The Arabs could not be blind to the Anti-Jewish course those of the
British Military, by and large, followed at that time.

Consequently, this official attitude was interpreted by the hooligan
element and interested schemers in the only possible way, viz., that
the military authorities in Palestine were against the Jews and
Zionism. The conviction began to grow, in some of the Arab minds at
least, that any act calculated to deal a death blow to Zionist
aspirations would not be unwelcome to those in authority in the
British Military in the Holy Land.

At the time, the British Military Governor in an important town was
actually heard to declare in a YMCA building – in the presence of
British and French Officers and of Arab waiters – that, in case of
anti-Jewish riots in his city, he would remove the garrison and take
up his position at a window, where he would watch and laugh=2 0at what
went on.

In March 1920, the following extraordinary order was issued to the
British troops in Palestine:
"As the Government has to pursue in Palestine a policy unpopular with
the majority of the population, trouble may be expected to arise
between the Jews and Arabs."

That wording was very significant! It was obviously calculated to
throw the blame for any trouble on the Jews, and, at the same time,
represented the British government as an unfortunate victim, who,
under some mysterious pressure, had "to pursue" a Zionist Policy.

On Sunday, April 4, 1920, a belated crowd of Arabs from Hebron
approached the Holy City by the Jaffa Gate.

Fanatical agitators posted themselves on the balcony of the
Municipality Building and, for the space of two hours, delivered
brutally inflammatory speeches against the Jews to this mob, in the
presence of British Officials who understood Arabic. The Arabs were
armed and ready to do in the Jews.

All at once, the members of the Arab procession formed themselves into
a square, just inside the Jaffa Gate. The first thing you would have
seen – had you been there – was an Jewish man, about 70 years of age,
get his head split wide open with an Arab's sword, and as soon as he
was down he was stoned to death. Within a few more minutes, a lot
more Jews got the same treatment.

For nearly 72 hours (three days, mind you) that Ishmaelites work of
murder, rape, sacrilege, and pillage went on practically unchecked –
all under British rule.

Back here in the Holy Land, one more time, is this ole
preacher-warrior standing in the corner with the Hated Hebrews.

Where I am in Beersheba, this hotel is full of IDF soldiers. I'm
looking forward to the next few days.

When I checked in the desk clerk told me what I had to do if incoming
Katyushas were directed Beersheeba wa y.

You folks pray that God Almighty will keep that "hedge of protection"
built about this ole man, as he tries to encourage the Sons and
Daughters of Abraham who are fighting this 2009 War against Hamas.

I am sincerely, gratefully, gladly, and humbly, your obedient friend
and servant,



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