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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Police Warn of More Expulsions in Judea and Samaria

Tammuz 20, 5769, 12 July 09 10:54
by Yehudah Lev Kay

( On Sunday morning, the police said they have plans to take down 11 buildings in Judea and Samaria. The announcement came less than a week after Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned he would take down 23 outposts.

"Israel is demonstrating a will to meet the U.S. demands [to freeze construction in Judea and Samaria]," Barak said last week after meeting with U.S. envoy George Mitchell in London. The only concrete step the Defense Minister mentioned was "evacuating 23 outposts over the next few weeks and months."

The police did not take long to implement Barak's policy in the field, and sent a letter to Samaria Council head Gershon Mesika warning him to take down 11 unauthorized buildings in several communities by Sunday, after which the police would do so themselves.

The 11 buildings are structures built in existing communities and outposts including Yitzhar, Havat Gilad, Har Bracha, Havot Yair, Itamar, and Mevo Dotan. In some cases, the buildings are nothing more than a ritual bath or a man-made pool, but in others they are residences.

"Ever since this government was established, the situation on the ground in Judea and Samaria has only gotten worse," said Yossi Dagan, spokesman for the Samaria Council. "The Defense Ministry led by Ehud Barak is acting like an extension of the U.S. State Department and has not ceased to chase after the communities in Judea and Samaria and their residents."

Activists on the ground report that the police have formed a new unit to deal exclusively with evacuations in Judea and Samaria. The force, which is composed of Border Guard police officers, regular police officers, elite police forces, and mounted units, recently trained for evacuation scenarios in the IDF Adam facility near Modi'in.

"The police are planning on starting with these 11 small sites in existing communities and then moving on to bigger evacuations," said Akiva HaCohen, a Samaria activist. "This new unit has nothing to do with defense and nothing to do with terror. It was created exclusively to destroy Jewish sites in Judea and Samaria."

MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) condemned the police's decision to destroy structures in Judea and Samaria. "The police should focus first on the thousands of illegal Arab structures in the Negev and the Galilee," he said on Army Radio. "I call on every family in Judea and Samaria to have another child this year," he said, "and in 50 years there will be 1,000,000 people in Yesha."


SHmuel wrote:

The enemy unJews prepare MORE paramilitary units to assault Jews and JEWS "denounce"?... NUTS!
Simple self defense common sense and why not, military doctrine says that if the enemy prepare plans, weapons and units to attack you, you MUST PREPARE UNITS to defend yourself and WIN!
I know what the pathetic, impotent make believe patriotic morons would say... "But Jews do not attack Jews".
The idiots hear, see and well know that the unJewish enemy is preparing but... no plans for self defense.
Then they wonder why no one gives a flying petunia for us as a people...
I am nearing 69 years of age and cannot do what is needed as a soldier but I have not yet lost my capacity to understand ball less wonders.

Yaakov countered:

SHmuel is so wrong. Even now, the courageous patriots are preparing for the onslaught, writing new songs of unity to sing while the capos are beating them and bulldozing their buildings. Barak and Obama will be sorry then.


( Police detective arrived at the Nofei Yarden settlement in Binyamin’s Gush Shiloh area early Sunday afternoon and attacked several girls. According to a report by Arutz 7 (Hebrew), the police entered a building on site with several girls inside and demanded to see their indentifications.

The girls argued that it was illegal for the police to enter without a permit. The police responded by beginning to strike the girls and warn them that they would “break their backs” if they returned


Israeli government asking SETTLER LEADERS TO ACT AS KAPOS

Police ask Samaria Council to demolish own illegal structures

Jul. 12, 2009

Judea and Samaria Police issued a request on Sunday to the Samaria Regional Council to demolish 11 illegal structures in its territory on its own accord, to prevent a future confrontation with security forces, a police spokesman said.

In recent months, Israel has come under strong American pressure to freeze all construction work in existing settlements. The structures referred to in the police's notice are located in established settlements such as Itamar and Itzhar.

The move has been slammed by a representative of the Samaria Regional Council as an example of politically-motivated and partial enforcement of planning laws, designed to target settlements.

"Every month, the civil administration issues demolition orders against illegal structures to local authorities and police. To avoid friction, we have passed on the document to the Samaria Regional Council in the hope that future use of force and incidents can be avoided," said Judea and Samaria Police Spokesman Danny Poleg.

Poleg said that if the Samaria Regional Council "takes care" of the illegal structures on its own, unpleasant scenes which could unfold when the army and police move in to demolish the structure could be avoided.

"It [the demolition] will happen in any case, but we hope the council deals with this on its own," Poleg said.

But David Ha'ivri, Director of the Shomron Liaison Office, accused Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the government of employing double standards regarding construction within settlements.

"The law is being enforced only against unregulated Jewish building. Across Judea and Samaria, as well as on the western side of the Green Line, there are thousands of illegal building sites that are not being subject to the law," Ha'ivri said.

"We are seeing partial enforcement against Jews in Judea and Samaria again and again," he added.

"We hope Defense Minister Ehud Barak will stop going back on previous agreements, and will also allow Jews to build on the Land of Israel," Ha'ivri said.

Ha'ivri denied that settlers were building on property that belonged to others, arguing that "this construction could be regulated if the defense minister could approve building plans."

He said construction work in towns like Beit She'an and Beit Shemesh, on the western side the Green Line, "didn't have final building plans approved, but construction went ahead anyway, and the plans were rightly approved eventually. The same should happen here, too. We should be allowed to breathe."

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