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Sunday, July 19, 2009

RUSSIANS REFUSE TO SHAKE OBAMA'S HAND! Video and comment - copy and paste

J. says:

How fascinating. How perplexing. I don't know exactly what it means but it is clearly a very negative gesture.

M. responds:

What it means is that they know he is all ego and bombast and they consider him a pipsqueak in terms of international relations. They also know that the State Department will undermine him at the earliest possible moment with the help of a very disgruntled Hillary Clinton. By snubbing Hussein, Russia is in very good stead with the State Dept. and is ready for the next stage in American politics which may come sooner than later.

J. replies:

Very interesting, M. Clearly, it's an expression of contempt. They are telling him that he is nobody, that they know that he is someone else's lap dog and of no account. Hillary had not occurred to me. She might be the senior lackey of the Powers That Be who they see as his replacement. Plausible.

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