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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DIRTY, DIRTY HANDS DRIPPING WITH BLOOD: One more proof of the DUPLICITY of the Vatican. How come terror victims could sue Iran, yet Holocaust victims can't sue the Vatican; was the crime any less severe??

US Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Vatican Bank

Tevet 13, 5770, 30 December 09 07:06
( An American appeals court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Holocaust survivors against the Vatican bank, who the survivors allege accepted millions of dollars worth of their valuables stolen by Nazi sympathizers during World War II. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a lower court ruling that said the Vatican bank was immune from such a lawsuit under the 1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which generally protects foreign countries from being sued in United States courts.

Holocaust survivors from Croatia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia had filed suit against the Vatican bank in 1999, claiming that it stole and laundered the looted assets of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies who were killed or captured by the Nazi-backed Ustasha regime that controlled Croatia at the time. The claimants sought an accounting from the Vatican, as well as restitution and damages. The court did not rule on the allegations directly but said that the Vatican bank, formally known as the Institute for the Works of Religion, was a sovereign entity entitled to the protections of the foreign sovereign immunities act and that therefore outside the jurisdiction of American courts.


I want to remind you of the suspicious story of the suitcase filled with US bonds worth US $134 billion found in Chiasso, Italy, in the hands of two Japanese businessmen, this past summer. Make sure to read the posts below for all details.

Could there be a relationship between that story, and the (then) ongoing lawsuit against the Vatican bank? Was the Vatican Bank trying to smuggle the evidence out of the Vatican? And what exactly is the relationship between the "Holy" See and the Vatican Bank? What exactly does the pope know about ongoing affairs of the bank? Remember Japan's role during WWII ( although there were righteous Japanese such as Sugihara).

Just questions at this time, but certainly food for thought.

 ( PS : start with the older story first, they go in chronological order)

Jul 08, 2009
Jul 08, 2009
a vatican communiqué reported that the pope's audience today with taro aso was cordial, and dealt with "several relevant international issues particularly the economic crisis and the commitment of japan and of the holy see for africa. ...

Jul 04, 2009
vatican city, june 28, 2009 ( benedict xvi will receive in audience the prime minister of japan next month, which will be the second high-level meeting between the vatican and the asian country this year. ...

Jun 24, 2009
first of all , make sure to watch these videos, that will shed even more light on the current state of relations between japan and the vatican: the most powerful man in the world, the jesuit general, spent most of his life in japan! ..

Jun 23, 2009
... from two japanese men in italy raises questions," asianews, 8 june 2009. then there is also the version of this fantasy - minded site, which i do not trust in general, but which does mention the vatican as being one of the parties:

More comments:

Rabbi Dov said:
Daisy you are 100% right
But the US=300,000,000
Iran is= 70,000,000
Vatican is = 1,500,000,000
This world is a world of lies

DS replies:

excellent comment, Rabbi Dov!

nik says:

we will never have justice for our people until moshiach comes and we can wreak vengeance for what they have done to us... stop expecting the vile filthy slime goyim to achieve justice for us and for our kedoshim... it will never happen... so of course they dismissed this suit... they always will dismiss our just claims against these swine... nik. out...

DS replied:

, nik,
What makes you think that I expect anything from them? I don't. Only trying to raise awareness among the unawares, Goyim as well as Jews. Little by little, I help people see who the vatican really is - at least I hope so. People do read.

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