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Thursday, December 17, 2009


MK Eldad: Why is Itai Zar Still in Prison?

Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 11:28
After a visit to activist Itai Zar, MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) sent an urgent message to Defense Minister Ehud Barak to investigate the charges against Zar of attacking a police officer. Eldad is convinced that "when the Minister investigates he will discover that this is a case of political persecution designed to terrorize residents of Judea and Samaria during a tense period, when the government is trying to freeze building for 330,000 people.
"It appears that the police have turned Zar into a symbol of what could happen to those who do not toe the line," Eldad said, adding that "there is no reason to keep him in prison."

Tzviya Sariel May Remain in Jail

Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 10:40
Tzviya Sariel, who has been in prison for 45 days because she refused to agree to conditions posed by police for release on bail, may not get out of jail Friday, as had been scheduled. That's because the state has filed a petition against the court decision to release her. Sariel was arrested at a protest in Ramat Migron in November for resisting arrest, a charge she denies.
MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union), who visited Sariel last week, said that "the time has come to investigate what lies behind the decisions of the police and prosecution when they file petitions against rightwing activists."

State Petition Against Sariel Release Denied

Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 12:41
The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday blocked a petition by state attorneys against the release of Tzviya Sariel, arrested in November at a protest in Ramat Migron. The state had petitioned against her scheduled release Friday. Sariel is now set to be released Friday at noon.
Sariel was jailed because she refused to sign onto a deal that would have set bail for her, and would have set conditions against her participating in protests. 
Talmon Witnesses: Police Beating Protesters
Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 12:20
In what appears to be a continuation of the violence committed by police earlier this week against residents of Tsufim, witnesses in Talmon Thursday morning said police had brutally beaten several protesters who were seeking to block Civil Administration building freeze inspectors from halting construction in the town. Witnesses said that police also prevented a woman who suffered an asthma attack from receiving treatment.
Six protesters have been arrested, four of them minors, police said.

Samaria Council: Cohen Defense of Cops Has 'Chutzpah'

Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 01:12
Officials of the Samaria Residents' Council on Thursday criticized Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen over his earlier statement that protesters against building freeze inspectors in Judea and Samaria in recent days had "crossed the line" of legitimacy. According to the Council, Cohen's statement was "the chutzpah and arrogance of someone who uses large police forces, including well-armed, violent police officers using force all out of proportion against unarmed protesting children, women and men.
"Police and Yasam special forces are violent provocateurs working under protection of the law. Instead of protesting the actions of the authorities, Cohen prefers to roll the entire responsibility on residents, displaying his fear of them," the Council said.

Honenu: Govt. Has 'Declared War' Against Loyal Jews

Kislev 30, 5770, 17 December 09 01:41
Director of the Honenu legal rights group, Shmuel Medad, said Thursday that the government's petition against the release of Tzviya Sariel meant that the government, like the army, "has declared war against a Jewish community in Israel that is loyal to the state and the Word of G-d, and agrees that the army and the legal system are to be respected, even if they contradict Jewish law and work against their interests.
"We congratulate people like Tzviya Sariel and Rabbi Melamed who are ready to pay a price for the entire Jewish people," Medad said.


SHmuel said:

The unJews have been betraying to the enemy JEWISH PATRIOTS when not either killing, trampling or detaining illegally JEWISH people for decades.
And will only be getting worse as the hold on power they held continues to slip away.

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