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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ATTENTION,URGENT! Again I received some striking pictures of unnatural-looking clouds sighted in Jerusalem on 12/28/09. Again the concern was chemtrails...MAYBE GOOD JEWS SHOULD LEAVE THE BIG CITY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS, WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Hello to all our friends in Jerusalem, all of Israel, and the rest of the world.
Again today I received an emotionally charged e-mail from a friend who lives in the Jewish Quarter, in the Old City of Jerusalem, with the caption: "chemtrails in Jerusalem, Monday...".
Now this is the second time that this person is sending me pictures of such clouds; last time I received them, which was about ten days ago,  I posted them on this blog, and inquired as to their nature, because I really know nothing about them. The responses I received put my mind at ease, specially because one of them was from a famous Israeli professor, a specialist of rain seeding clouds. The general message I got at the time, was: "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT". Here are the various exchanges that took place:

Ezra wrote:

Israel has been studying various kinds of atmospheric spray techniques for enhancing rainfall for three and a half decades. There is no secret about this. (Ask such and such a professor....)


"...The Israeli rain enhancement project remains an example of the strength and robustness of results that are obtained as an outcome of long-range planning in a scientific effort in the field of rain enhancement that has been continuous and consistent for three and a half decades thus far..."

So I wrote a query to the Israeli professor:

Dear Professor X....,
I was referred to you re: cloud seeding over Jerusalem. I understand that you are ... expert on these things in Israel. Somebody took these pictures in Jerusalem on December 20, 2009 and was quite concerned, as they do not look natural, have parallel lines, crossovers, etc.

Kindly please tell me: what kind of clouds are these? Is there rain enhancement taking place in Jerusalem right now? Are these rain enhancement seeding clouds? Or are they something else? And if so, what do you think they are?

Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.


D. Stern, MD

The professor's reply was:

Dear Dr. Stern,

Cloud seeding is not performed over Jerusalem, but only in northern Israel.

The very long cloud lines are likely to be contrails, which are condensation of the vapor that is the result of the combustion of the jet fuel, in the extreme cold temperatures aloft.

The short parallel lines are waves in the moist air flow, with condensation of clouds occurring along the crests.

Indeed, it is always fascinating to look at the clouds and try to understand what they are telling us.

Professor X...

At the same time ,
Barry wrote:

You know my balcony overlooked BG Airport. I saw the chemtrails go up daily for over ten years. And now, while the nation is on the verge of civil war, you notice them. You don't know what they do. Maybe they're good. No one knows. But get your priorities in order and stop looking for chemtrails when war is near.

After receiving these replies, I figured I better not spend too much time worrying about unnecessary things.
But my friend was insistent, and sent me short clips of professional videos that show the difference between CONTRAILS and CHEMTRAILS. You can see those short clips below. He also sent me a long documentary, which I had seen before, also included below.
Finally, after his insistent attention-seeking e-mail today, which you can see below in big red letters, I decided to give it some time - specially because of two simultaneous articles that grabbed my attention in general news and in regard to vaccines:
Apparently ANTHRAX is making a comeback in the US - we hadn't heard about it for a while, right?- While at the same time, an article appeared in THE FLU CASE today, which had been written in August of this year in the Jerusalem Post, but which is becoming quite timely: JANUARY FIRST, IN TWO DAYS! Please read it below: it mentions a DRILL about to be performed in an ISRAELI CITY - it doesn't mention which one - but that drill would involve dealing with a BIOLOGICAL ATTACK, a possible QUARANTINE OF AN ENTIRE CITY, AND FORCED IMMUNIZATION OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION , USING THE IDF, for ANTHRAX, SMALLPOX, AND OTHER SUCH NICE DISEASES.

 Now THAT item grabbed my attention. After all, we know that the ANTHRAX vaccine has been linked to serious illnesses in soldiers' experiments, both in the US and in Israel. I do not have to give you references here, you can find them in my article " BIRD'S EYE VIEW ON H1N1...", as well as in my letter to Professor Engelhard.
At the same time, the idea of QUARANTINE AND FORCED VACCINATIONS USING THE ARMY IS NOTHING NEW. THIS WAS DONE IN THE UKRAINE RECENTLY,WITH THE PURPOSE OF INSTITUTING MARTIAL LAW,  and THE ARMY ALSO FORCEFULLY BROUGHT THE MEDICAL STAFF TO IMMUNIZATION CENTERS IN FRANCE. Not to forget the "Tsav 8" that nurses received in Kupot Cholim for the purpose of immunizing the population just a week or so ago.
The way I understand this is as follows:granted, the article was written in August, and we have to see if what it says materializes. But considering the CLEAR W.H.O. directives, considering that ISRAEL IS A DIRECT TARGET OF THE UN AND OF THE VATICAN, that there is a small-scale rebellion within Jewish ranks, that our Defense Minister Ehud Barak is our OFFENSE MINISTER, and that he has shown already that he is READY AND WILLING TO KILL JEWS,  and considering that the population is overall unwilling to cooperate with the plans of our TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT, neither with regards to Yesha, nor with re: to the H1N1 immunizations - how many people bought the scam, frankly?-, is it possible that BIGGER GUNS ARE IN THE OFFING? That they are upping the ante and moving to more dangerous levels of assault on the population? BUT I HAVE TO STRESS, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THESE CONTRAILS-CHEMTRAILS, I AM NOT A SPECIALIST BY ANY MEANS, ONLY USING MY LAY PERSON'S EYES TO EVALUATE THE PICTURES. I don't know any more than you do, let's make that very clear.
With this in mind, take a good look at the pictures, watch the videos very carefully. I must agree with my friend: to my humble, lay eyes, these pictures look like CHEMTRAILS, NOT LIKE CONTRAILS. And besides, as the professor said, THERE AIN'T ANY RAIN CLOUDS BEING SEEDED IN JERUSALEM.
For your information, and if you watch the long documentary, you will see that CHEMTRAILS IN THE US were also extensively sprayed over large cities, that they are sprayed at night mostly, and with the help of  NATO FORCES, that they contain PATHOGENS IN GREAT QUANTITIES, POLYMER FIBERS, AND HEAVY METALS, ALUMINUM, BARIUM, TITANIUM ( which by the way, if ingested, compete with IODINE and can cause HYPOTHYROIDISM) - a soup of some very nasty stuff, although I am not convinced that they are responsible for Morgellon's disease, as the video implies. Still, they are NASTY in many other ways. Spraying the population with germs is not exactly my idea of a nice thing to do. What they contain in Israel is anybody's guess - IF they dare do such a thing here -; I am sure they would not be about to tell us, as they have always been very secretive about their moves.

On the other hand, I watched a small video on the same site that mentioned that anti-laser defense exercises also look like this - but OVER JERUSALEM? WHY NOT IN WIDE OPEN SPACES?

There is also a site listed here, in Hebrew, that mentions SIMILAR CLOUDS BEING PHOTOGRAPHED IN HOLON.
What this all means I am not sure. Maybe with brainstorming, we might be able to understand what is going on here. But I don't like the escalation this would imply, IF they are really chemtrails and not contrails - not sure at all at this point.

So, please take a look. I hope you are able to see all the pictures; the Powerpoint presentation is quite striking.

Comments will be appreciated.


Am I exaggerating? Am I understanding things wrong? I don't want to be an alarmist, and spread unnecessary panic; I am just reporting what was seen, letting you review the evidence, and asking YOU to decide what it is you are seeing. If you think it is nothing, please ignore my post.

If I frightened you unnecessarily, please accept my sincere apology; that was not the intention at all.
All the best, and may G-d be with all of us.


…by the end of the day, the resulting haze was producing a clearly visible "sundog" effect…
 (see the last slides on the powerpoint at the above link)

Short clips:

 Contrail Vs Chemtrail 101

A plane creating a contrail, not a chemtrail

Comparison between Contrails and Chemtrails

Largest-ever biological attack drill in Israel set for January

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 12:18

Aug. 30, 2009
In preparation for a non-conventional attack on Israel, the National Emergency Authority will hold the largest-ever exercise to train security forces how to respond to a city-wide biological attack.
The drill will begin on January 1 and is being prepared by the NEA, a branch of the Defense Ministry established after the Second Lebanon War to coordinate between all of the civilian and military bodies that provide services during a nationwide emergency.
Until now, previous exercises have focused on the Health Ministry's ability to continue to run hospitals during a non-conventional biological attack.
The threat scenario will include a biological attack on a major Israeli city and will include the IDF Home Front Command, Magen David Adom, the Israel Police, the IDF Medical Corps, the IDF Spokesman's Office and the Fire and Rescue Service.
Syria, according to foreign reports, is believed to have developed offensive biological capabilities. A military facility near the city of Cerin is reportedly suspected of being used for the development and production of biological agents.
Syria also has a significant arsenal of long-range Scud-C and Scud-D missiles that would be capable of carrying the agents.
Diseases known to have been weaponized include Ebola, anthrax, Q fever and smallpox. The exercise will focus on some of these diseases. One possibility that will be considered during the drill will be to close down and quarantine the entire city in the event that the disease spreads.
Officials will hold hourly assessments during the drill and discuss the option of immunizing the entire country.
If such a decision is made, it will be carried out by the IDF, which has the manpower and infrastructure to open immunization centers.
In June, the IDF and NEA held the largest civil-defense exercise since the Second Lebanon War called "Turning Point" and which for the first time included the sounding of a siren throughout the country.
The IDF plans to begin returning gas masks to the public starting in November.
Since the Defense Ministry began collecting the public's gas masks in 2006, almost 90 percent of the masks have been collected and most of them refurbished.

Anthrax vaccine, antibiotics offered in NH
By Associated Press  |   Tuesday, December 29, 2009  |  |  Northeast
Photo by AP
CONCORD, N.H. — Antibiotics and vaccines are being offered to about 80 people as New Hampshire authorities continue to investigate the nation's first known case of gastrointestinal anthrax.
Officials still don't know how the woman contracted the disease but are focusing on a drum playing gathering she attended last month. Anthrax spores have been found on two drums and an electrical outlet at the United Campus Ministry center in Durham, prompting officials to shut down the building and offer vaccines and antibiotics to those who attended the drum circle or live or work in the building.
Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, an adviser to the state's public health division, says one theory is that vigorous drum playing sent the spores into the air, and the woman then swallowed them.
Article URL:


DS writes:

I am surprised that none of you commented on my post about Jerusalem... but the government of Jordan sure took note! They read the Jerusalem Post article. What's the matter with you, Jews, am I writing FOR THE ARABS. for G-d's sake??

Amman, Amman Governorate arrived on "ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES: ATTENTION,URGENT! Again I received some striking pictures of unnatural-looking clouds sighted in Jerusalem on 12/28/09. Again the concern was chemtrails...MAYBE GOOD JEWS SHOULD LEAVE THE BIG CITY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS, WHAT DO YOU THI".
08:55:03 -- 4 hours 24 mins ago

Amman left via from "ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES: ATTENTION,URGENT! Again I received some striking pictures of unnatural-looking clouds sighted in Jerusalem on 12/28/09. Again the concern was chemtrails...MAYBE GOOD JEWS SHOULD LEAVE THE BIG CITY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS, WHAT DO YOU THI"

Anonymous says:

One short thing re the chemtrails;  I was very interested in this subject many months ago and did a lot of reading on it; one citizen activist in the US Midwest set a bunch of vessels full of water outside to catch the particles that settled down after apparent chemtrail activity, got his local news team interested enough in it to have an independent lab run an analysis of the crud that was in the jars, and they did indeed find an interesting mixture of things that were not supposed to be there, if I remember correctly, the highest concentration was barium.  Of course, no agency or authority would take responsibility and the answers they received ranged between avoidance, denial, and silence.  If one of our people could catch a sample of crud fallout after noticing suspected chemtrails, that might give us something concrete to research.

And here is an exchange I had with another person re: this post

DS: I think it might have something to do with the prophecy about Yerushalayim.  
X: Certainly true according to every available script.  But bear in mind that the jigsaw puzzle has many pieces…
DS:Maybe they really ARE starting with Jerusalem. Maybe on the other hand this article is old, and the plans have changed.
X:The "plans" are based upon 100 year strategy and short term tactics.  The only "trump card" is Sovereignty and its manifestations (such as "protectionism").
DS:What do you think? Did you hear anything about this major drill?
X: No. But I am well aware of the "coincidence" of false flags and drills in the past…


So it was true after all: just not in Jerusalem, and not on January1, 2010:


All the rest probably holds true.

Biological Attack Exercise in Gush Dan Wednesday

Tevet 26, 5770, 12 January 10 07:25
An exercise called "Orange Flame," which will simulate a biological attack, will take place in the Gush Dan area Wednesday. Participating in the simulations will be members of rescue services, Health and Defense Ministry officials, and police and IDF troops.
The simulation's purpose is to test the country's response system. Residents and commuters should expect to see heavy activity by security and rescue workers throughout the day.

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