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Friday, December 11, 2009

An unrelenting war is being waged against doctors, scientists and journalists who expose the evils of the H1N1 vaccine and other such harmful biological agents. Countless sites, most of them in Hebrew, have been doing the same to me: is it a badge of honor?

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  
Arthur Schopenhauer

1. The case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

and from VacTruth

 ...However,it has now been proven that the ‘Wakefield’ case was in fact a put up job by the British Journalist Brian Deer. The website Child Health Safety established that Mr Deer has waged a 10 year hate campaign against the doctor, writing a hate website dedicated to Dr Andrew Wakefield and also a series of extremely damaging articles in a British top selling newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ and it has since been revealed that he is the complainant behind the GMC complaint which has seen three top doctors Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Simon Murch and Professor Walker-Smith, face being struck of the medical register for serious professional misconduct.

Due to this new evidence, the GMC case is falling apart at the seams because it has been revealed that the article MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism  by Brian Deer is little more than a pack of lies, to cast further doubt on Dr Wakefield professionalism. This has left the GMC red faced and with little real hard evidence to go on. Dr Wakefield has since made an extensive complaint to the Press Complaints Commission . Dr Wakefield has complained that the accusations of him ‘fixing data’ that Brian Deer had reported were in fact false and provided them with clear evidence supporting this. Dr Wakefield has also accused Deer of an undisclosed conflict of interest as he has not declared that he was the person who made the original complaint to the GMC.
The PCC that oversees journalism fairness has ordered the Sunday Times to take all articles written by Brian Deer on Dr Wakefield to be taken down from it’s websites .Sunday Times Ordered ‘Remove Wakefield MMR “Data Fixing” Story’....

2. The case of Jane Burgermeister and her co-workers:


a. On the Flu Case, Friday, 20 November 2009 14:35

"Michael Leitner calls me "mentally ill" for saying there is evidence nano chips will be in the swine flu syringes

Michael Leitner has sent an email concerning the criminal charges to be filed against him for spreading verifiable lies about me, denying he works in the interests of Big Pharma and the banksters (a freemason?) as might be expected. Interestingly, he also claims any state prosecutor will throw out my case simply because I report the evidence that nano chips will be in the swine flu jab syringes. He says to report this evidence is proof of my being mental ill and my "journalistic methods" even though anyone who does a quick google search can see that nanochips are used in syringes today, and that putting them in swine flu syringes is technically very possible. These syringes are issued by the government and each one has a bar code which is then attached to the person's medical sheet after they have taken the jab. Since Michael Leitner has made claims about me that can be proven to be lies, spread maliciously and intentionally, he has indeed boxed himself into a corner, and personal vilification and a pathetic defence of his integrity is all that is left for him.
He even admits he has lied indirectly and reveals he has changed some of his "claims" about my donations. Leitner is just the latest after the newspapers BILD and Kurier to perform a hit piece against me, aiming to discredit the facts, documents and information that I present that the swine flu vaccines are dangerous and deliberately designed to be so when used under the pretext of a pandemic emergency. It is well known in the USA, in the meantime, that not just the corporate media but also the alternative media and anti vaccine groups are infiltrated as part of a programme to control the opposition....."

b. Anti-vaccine movement infiltrated by Big Pharma?

Since actively involving myself in the flu case, I have been personally attacked many times. This is of course expected and a common tactic among those who have something to lose when truth about vaccines and especially the so called "swine flu" and "bird flu" vaccines is being exposed and published. Attack the messenger and try to discredit the person instead of dealing with the message - I get it.

To be attacked by individuals invested in Big Pharma, The New World Order, and the sick medical practices today common in the western world was expected. It is not new to me and is something that comes with the job. There are very many individuals that feel threatened when the vaccination cult is exposed for a variety of reasons. It may be prestige, money, positions, fear of questioning what is part of a belief system or even religious type of belief in published junk science.

When working towards exposure of the truth behind the flu case, I was fully prepared and ready to deal with such attacks. They are in a way understandable and therefor I forgive those involved, they don't know better.

What is more difficult to explain are the attacks coming from several so called anti-vaccine activists who seem determined to stop the information we present on this site. We are aware of several attempts being made to discredit us, slander us and defame us. We have even received death threats from such individuals. Friends tell us that they have been contacted by anti-vaccine activists, pretending to be someone else, asking personal questions about us and eventually, after days of snooping around revealing that their intent is to shut this site down.

This raises a series of interesting questions but most of all shows how difficult it is for many in humanity to accept free speech, free thought and the right to have a different opinion.

Johan Niklasson

3.The case of Project Day Lily:

...Project Day Lily is based on the true story of two scientists in Texas that discovered the presence of one of the most insidious incapacitating biological agents ever developed in Gulf War veterans’ blood. This microbe hides inside cells and causes all sorts of chronic signs and symptoms, similar to what one would see with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and many other chronic illnesses. It also tells the story of the two scientists being thrust into a world of danger and intrigue as they unravel the mystery of how sinister university and government administrators plotted to keep what these scientists had discovered hidden from the American public, even attempting to murder the two whistleblowers to prevent the exposure of their hideous experiments from public scrutiny....

...And there are many others, whom I will not name at this time.

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