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Sunday, December 27, 2009

How truly "mentally imbalanced" is Susanna Maiolo, the young woman who knocked down the pope and one of his cardinals on Xmas Eve in the Vatican?


THIS is a picture of the young woman who jumped and tackled Benedikt XVI on Xmas eve in the Vatican.
It is easy to dismiss her actions as proof of her "mental imbalance". So what if she was on psychotropic medications? Just recently a young actress of Hollywood, Brittany Murphy, who died suddenly, was found to have a slew of medications in her home, including some psychotropic drugs, yet nobody rushed to called her "mentally imbalanced". It is all a matter of perception, I guess: a public enemy is "imbalanced", while a public darling is not. And frankly, for a mentally imbalanced person she planned her attack very well, repeating her feat two years in a row; she is well coordinated, athletic, and must have practiced this jump for a long time to be able to perform it so perfectly two nights ago.

Notice how the Vatican promptly had her admitted to a psychiatric hospital for "MEDICAL" treatment, in proud Gulag tradition.

"The assailant, identified by the Vatican as Susanna Maiolo, a 25-year-old Swiss-Italian national with a history of mental problems, was held for questioning and hospitalized in Rome. She was not under formal arrest, and it was unclear whether she would face charges."

No.What we are dealing with here is very likely, - at least this is how it appears to me, - the same selective "mental imbalance" attributed to the UK mother who refused H1N1 vaccination for her child; the same 'mental imbalance" attributed to opponents of the NWO, to various politically incorrect 'conspiracy theorists', etc. etc. Until we get more medical details, it will be impossible to determine what exactly this young woman's diagnosis is, IF she has one at all ( and of course, it is very easy for the Vatican to hide behind the issue of medical confidentiality in order to avoid further questioning by inquiring minds).

This episode is EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING for the Catholic Church and for the pope, happening on the day of his expected glory, a day in which he is supposed to have the ABILITY TO FORGIVE SINS, during his Urbi and Orbi address, and while symbolically losing his miter and staff in the fall ;

so it seems they had to denigrate her publicly, and put her away immediately, before she could give interviews to the press and reveal her true motives.

I beg your pardon: a man, able to forgive sins? Who does he think he is? GOD put the pope back in his place, and IS PUNISHING HIM FOR HIS UNFORGIVEN SINS AGAINST THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Just two days ago,because of Benedikt's incessant manipulations, incitement and other evil activities against the Jewish People, an innocent and holy Jew, Rabbi Meir Chai, was killed in the Shomron - in Samaria. Benedikt XVI  received instant, - if only minimal so far -, retribution.

 Jeremiah 2:3:

קֹדֶשׁ יִשְׂרָאֵל לַיהוָה רֵאשִׁית תְּבוּאָתֹה כָּל־אֹכְלָיו יֶאְשָׁמוּ רָעָה תָּבֹא אֲלֵיהֶם נְאֻם־יְהוָה׃


I say this young woman was not mentally imbalanced, she was MOVED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD to give this vile man and his entourage what they so justly deserve.

Who knows what kind of medical "treatment" she is undergoing right now? I cannot imagine a worse fate than being a prisoner of the "loving" Church for a "crime" of this nature ( remember the Inquisition), except maybe being a prisoner of the Taliban. She is a heroine in my eyes.

"A spokesman said Vatican justice "is usually benevolent," signaling Maiolo will most likely be put into long-term care in an Italian psychiatric institution with no charges filed."

And she will most likely be pumped up with drugs she doesn't really need for a long, long time.

So much for Vatican 'benevolence"; so much for papal "forgiveness": it is the forgiveness of an executioner after execution; this forgiveness has the foul smell of the INQUISITION! If Benedikt REALLY forgave the girl, he would have given orders to let her go free; this, on the other hand, is typical Benedikt hypocrisy, one more proof that the man is everything but a saint: he is a vile, false, lying individual, for everyone to see, as clear as day. 

 ".... this “King of Rome” known as Pope Benedict XVI,” ... has the de facto power to KILL any individual man, woman or child deemed worthy of death tried in absentia deep within the walls of the Vatican.... 

And what about the second "victim" of her assault?

"On December 24, 2009, Cardinal Etchegaray was knocked down along with Pope Benedict XVI when 25-year-old Susanna Maiolo jumped over a barrier and grappled with the Pope as he processed through St Peter's Basilica for Christmas Eve mass. The Pontiff appeared to be unhurt, but Etchegaray suffered a broken leg and a broken hip in the process.[1][2][3] He had been standing a few metres away from the Pope and was knocked down in the scuffle.[4] He needs surgery to correct his bones; this is expected to happen at Gemelli Hospital, Rome.[5] The Vatican claimed Maiolo was "psychologically unstable" and had already lunged at the Pope before.[6][5] The attack shocked the Catholic world but there was relief when it emerged the Pope had not been hurt.[7]

"While Benedict was unhurt in the fall, a retired Vatican diplomat, French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, 87, fractured his hip in the commotion. He will be operated on in the coming days at Rome’s Gemelli hospital, said Nicola Cerbino, a hospital spokesman."

"Etchegaray, emeritus archbishop of Marseille who headed the Vatican’s justice and peace and charity offices before retiring, was seen leaving the basilica in a wheelchair after the fall. Despite the fracture, his condition was “good,” Lombardi said."

How innocent is Cardinal Etchegaray? Did he, or did he not, deserve his broken hip (or femur, depending on the reporting agency)? I will let you decide: I understand that he did try to heal relations between Jews and Catholics in France, and was closer to John Paul II than to this pope. Still, look at the picture above, he sure doesn't seem to resent Arafat at all! Also, remember the infamous role of the UN in a slew of situations, including Jerusalem, population reduction, etc.


See here some of the activities of that office:

Because of the interest of the Holy See in the work of the United Nations, the Pontifical Council, in collaboration with the Secretariat of State, has frequent contacts with the United Nations and its specialized agencies, especially at the time of the major international conferences that deal with such questions as development, population, environment, international trade, or human rights.
So what do you think: was he an innocent bystander who deserves compensation for his injury, or did he get what he justly deserves? You decide.

The pope, on the other hand, for sure deserved this fall. It is the second time Benedikt has fallen since becoming pope: the first time he fell, he fractured his right wrist just after having been involved in plotting against Jewish Jerusalem. The more he attacks Jewish Jerusalem, the more he assails the Jewish People in the Holy Land, the more he will suffer: THE PROPHETS DON'T LIE!


  • Those of us abused by clergy as children have each in our time been accused

    of being mentally unstable or insane - that is normal practice whenever the
    church or its followers get to deal with us. We are accustomed to this
    inhumane technique and we expect it as it is used so often these days.
    Susanna Maiolo became known around the world after
     her attempt last year as a "Molested Catholic".
     She is a hero to the millions of us who have been
    We really should be talking about the real issues, we should let reason 
    prevail and hold with a secular view in our secular society. There are no 
    gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell in a secular society. There is
    only our natural world. Religion the way it is today is just myth and 
    superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.
    This has been the issue between victims and the Vatican, the church and its 
    followers ever since priests began raping women and children - this is why
    they will not permit us an open opportunity to speak - this is why they must
    continue to brand us as mentally unstable as they cannot permit our opinion 
    to be heard, let alone considered. Victims argue that the pope(and the church
    and its followers)  lost all vestige of sanity when rape became a part of 
    the Catholic religion through the Decree Crimen which Benedict signed.
    When the Catholic church made rape a part of its laws that was difficult 
    enough for the rest of humanity. Now despite the evidence of the harm 
    caused to our society the Catholic church and its followers are hell bent on
    taking us down with them. The entire philosophy and ethos of the church is 
    in question across the planet. A church which can have universal law on how 
    to keep secret the sexual crimes of its clergy and yet have none for the
    safety and the protection of children is not a church or a religion - its
    is a state of insaity.
    The Vatican will persecute Susanna Maiolo in the same way it and its followers
    have persecuted other clergy abuse victims whenever they speak out. The 
    church is incapable of accepting our very existence.
    Do you as a Catholic support these primitive and mentally disturbed practices?
    Do you as a Christian support these archaic and disgusting practices? 
    Do you as a human being support these abuses of our human rights? 
    The World's most despised Catholic.
    On behalf of those of us who have been and those who will become casulties 
    of the global clergy abuse crisis.
    Many Christians appear to consider those of us abused as being insane or
    mentally disturbed due to our forming the opinion as a result of being
    abused by clergy that there are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven 
    or hell and that there is only our natural world where religion the way it 
    is practiced today is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and 
    enslaves minds and leaves vulnerable men, women and children available to
    rapist and abusive clergy.
    On behalf of the many casualties of the GCAC (Global Clergy Abuse Crisis)
    Christians are entitled to hold these beliefs no matter how quaint or
    irrational they are; however they must not permit those beliefs to impede 
    the due process of our law or permit those beliefs to interfere with the
    functioning of our secular government and society or to impede or deny the 
    right to justice for those of us harmed as a result of religious activities
    as these actions are both illegal and criminal.
    Sent by Mordechai; thank you
    DS comments: So apparently the Church will lock up their victim for good, so 
    she cannot speak up, and TELL ALL!

  • See also UPDATE in French, Swiss website:
Note: 2 carabinieri are guarding her room around the clock. She is UNDER ARREST, despite claims to the contrary! A very hypocritical and transparently untrue reason is given for their presence at her door. Below

...Après avoir été interrogée par la gendarmerie vaticane, elle a été conduite dans une institution psychiatrique.
Selon la presse italienne, la jeune femme, qui avait tenté le même geste lors de la messe de minuit l'an dernier, a déclaré aux médecins qu'elle "ne voulait pas faire de mal au pape, seulement lui demander de l'aide pour les plus faibles".
"Je voulais demander au pape de penser aux plus faibles, aux personnes fragiles, à ceux qui meurent de faim et du sida en Afrique. C'était une demande d'aide, un message de la part de ceux qui souffrent", a-t-elle dit aux médecins selon Il messagero.
Selon Il Corriere della sera, Susanna Maiolo, traitée pour troubles psychiatriques depuis plusieurs années, a ajouté qu'elle "voulait seulement un peu d'attention". "Maintenant je lui demande pardon", a-t-elle dit aux médecins.
Selon le même journal, deux carabiniers sont placés en permanence devant sa chambre et sa famille a demandé qu'elle soit protégée de tout contact extérieur, craignant que l'écho donné à son geste n'aggrave son état.

  • Comments: see further comments below .
Eric( Vatican historian) said:

Dear Daisy

Good report.


See how Benedikt lost the symbols of his papacy, his MITER and STAFF, and was seen by all for what he is: a simple, FALLIBLE man; all trappings of 'godhood", gone!


טו  לֵךְ אֶל-פַּרְעֹה בַּבֹּקֶר, הִנֵּה יֹצֵא הַמַּיְמָה, וְנִצַּבְתָּ לִקְרָאתוֹ, עַל-שְׂפַת הַיְאֹר; וְהַמַּטֶּה אֲשֶׁר-נֶהְפַּךְ לְנָחָשׁ, תִּקַּח בְּיָדֶךָ. 

"Go to Pharaoh in the morning - behold! He goes out to the river - and stand opposite him at the river bank, and take the staff that became a serpent in your hand."
(Shemot 7:15)

Rashi says:
"He goes out to the river - to relieve himself. For pharaoh pretended to be god [of the Nile]...he would arise early in the morning and go to the Nile and secretly tend to his bodily needs."

And here is another precious photo montage of  Susanna: yes, the girl is achieving instant sainthood by her courageous act, which will undoubtedly earn her tortures at the hand of the Vatican sadists. She is a BRAVE MARTYR FOR HER CAUSE: if you read the addenda above, it appears she was MOLESTED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, and that would explain her dedicated and single-minded fury.

Poor girl, brave girl: so after all, maybe she does have emotional problems, problems DIRECTLY CAUSED BY THE CHURCH OF BENEDIKT ITSELF; Benedikt the CHIEF INQUISITOR FOR 23 years,  who SIGNED THE EDICT CONDEMNING HER TO A LIFETIME OF UNPUNISHED VICTIMIZATION.

This picture was posted on her facebook group:
After all, Benedikt is about to grant sainthood to Pius XII,
So why shouldn't we grant sainthood to Susanna, it's only fair!

My heart goes out to you, Susanna. May the G-d of Israel watch over you, protect you, and give you peace.

                                         *         *         *          * 

Update, January 3, 2010

I have to laugh, this is so hypocritical.

1.First of all, PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH, Mr. German-named cardinal or whatever, where did you visit Susanna,
- was it in " a hostel for people with psychiatric problems", or was it in "a psychiatric clinic"; which one was it, good priest, tell me, would you: is she an INPATIENT, or is she an OUTPATIENT?

She cannot be both. If she is an INPATIENT, then she is being HOSPITALIZED IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL, not a "guest in a hostel". If on the other hand you visited her in a psychiatric clinic, she should be able to go home like everybody else, and she does NOT belong in a mental hospital......Or did you lock her up in a HALFWAY HOUSE???

2. Second, you mention again how you "FORGAVE" her. Please tell me, dear Benedikt, you have the power to move mountains, you can start a war with a simple telephone call, and yet you are not able to release that poor girl from her torture and send her home to Switzerland? What kind of cockamamie story is that? And what kind of 'GIFT" was that rosary? Was it a not so subtle message that she better be a "good girl, and cooperate, or else"??

3.Third: you are supposed to have supernatural powers, Benedikt: how come you are not using them to help that poor girl that you obviously love so much? And how come you were not able to protect your associate from the terrible fracture he sustained, or even yourself from both your fall and associated wrist fracture this past summer, and your embarrassing fall in front of all your congregants this past Xmas?

Just asking some questions.


Further Update:

New information came to my attention, this time from a Swiss news agency, in German: 

Apparently Susanna Maiolo does have a psychiatric history, she lived in an supervised setting for a couple of years in Switzerland after having received psychiatric care.That institution, WOHNGRUPPE KANZLER, seems to be a sort of halfway house for young people who have had a psychiatric history and are trying to start fresh in life. It helps them socially and professionally.

Die 25-jährige italienisch-schweizerische Doppelbürgerin, welche gestern bei der Mitternachtsmesse in Rom über den Papst herfiel, wohnt in der Schweiz. Sie kommt aus Frauenfeld. Dies ergeben Recherchen von TeleZüri.
Nach einer stationären, psychiatrischen Behandlung war Susanna M. vom Juli 2006 bis Juli 2008 in der sozialpsychiatrischen Wohngruppe Kanzler in Frauenfeld untergebracht. Dies bestätigt Rolf Kessler, Leiter der Wohngruppe Kanzler, gegenüber TeleZüri
Die Wohngruppe Kanzler betreut ehemalige Psychiatriepatienten und Patientinnen sowie Menschen, die sich in einer momentanen Lebenskrise befinden. Sie sind zwischen 18 und 50 Jahre alt. Gemäss Angaben auf der Homepage will die Wohngruppe Kanzler Menschen mit einer psychischen Beeinträchtigung eine Neuorientierung und die berufliche und soziale Integration ermöglichen.

The question still remains, was she abused by the catholic church at any time in her life, as the reports above suggest? Did her outburst warrant hospitalization? Did she act out because of her mental illness, or for another, legitimate reason? That is something we won't know until we get honest reports from reliable sources outside of the Vatican propaganda room.

But meanwhile her actions expressed the feelings of many, many people worldwide, it seems, judging from reactions and talkbacks.


jbx1 said...

The mental imbalance ploy is run in each and every country - ask clergy abuse victims who attempt to speak out. Here in Australia there are many of us who have been treated this way through Christian policing, Christian health and Christian community services and is fully supported by our Christian government.

Forgotten Australian along with 2 million others sexually abused and forgotten in the recent "Forgotten Australians" apology by our forthright, honest, truthful and Christian Prime Minister who has repeatedly failed his sworn oath to our country and the Australian community.

The World's most despised Catholic due to bringing to the world a definitive and appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis.

Kathryn L said...

This has everything to do with the new world order. Obviously this woman knows something about the pope and is bent on eliminating him. It's to bad that we will probably never know the truth since they have imprisioned her in a mental institution....

HEB said...

The time of the Roman Catholic Church has come to an end, but likewise, so has the end of all religions, dear ones. I am sorry to say that we are not much different than the catholic church. The truth must be known and told. The Truth is in our bibles, but unfortunately, it's been sadly misinterpreted. The time has come for us to accept the real Truth and finish off our religions which have caused us all tremendous pain and sorrow. Dear Susanna Maiolo is like a Lamb, so unfortunate but with a purpose. Let us all begin to speak the Truth, defend her right to speak out about injustice done to her and others. It is not a coincidence, nothing is. Let us all do our part in revealing what Susanna perhaps already knows and understands too well... a Truth which the Vatican does not want you to know.