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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peres surpasses even himself in Brazil. Our non-Jewish friends in America are better Jews than our own so-called "Jewish" president, may his name and memory be blotted out.

This comes from a friend of mine who has been involved as an engineer in very high level defense industries most of his life.

Jack ( received originally from SHmuel)

Our President, shimon Peres, has surpassed all that Soetoro-Obama has done so far in one fell shot. Recall please that Don Shimon went to Brazil two weeks ago. Once there he made eloquent remarks about his "peace-making" all over and consequently "closed a deal" with them involving our selling Brazil advanced attack drones for 300 million. I wonder what in hell could possibly Brazil want for such things?  Maybe to put down the rebellion of the four aborigines left alive in the Amazons. Sure, that's it! Regretfully... Maybe something else is going on...

The day Don Peres left Brazil, Ahmedinblabla showed up in Brasilia, signed a nuclear cooperation pact with Brazil and Brazil, a well established nuclear power on its own merits as much as Argentina is reported to be, Brazil is selling Iran raw uranium and a bit more I guess... You do not think that by any chance those drones may end up in Iran and then Syria and Lebanon, do you?  Nahhh!

The Brazilians were so impressed with Shimele that their Foreign Minister landed in Teheran before Shimon got back here.  And the Brazilian Pres is due in Teheran shortly. You wanna tell me that the Mossad did not know about the Iran-Brazil link and plans or they may have forgotten to tell good ole Shimon?

We simply cannot be any more lucky with the folk we got as "leaders" than what we are, can we?



the u.s. and israel are assisting iran to get the bomb despite the huballu to the contrary and all of the remonstrations from each of them for un sanctions or howls calling for air assaults to take out the reactors...

why would they be aiding their own enemies...?

the u.s. bec they have been in iran's corner ever since they deposed the shah for the ayatollah in '79 regardless of the propagandic lies that amer was outraged at the hostage taking and at their spread of fund islam and terrorism thruout the world...

and israel...? because we have a death-wish...? nope... bec our sorry leaders are in league with worldwide socialism or illuminism or what have u... (really just good old nimrodian/esavism that has spanned the gamut of world history... from bavel to egypt back to bavel... onto greece and then rome... down thru the ages via the royalty of europe and the vatican along with amer aristocratic families...

to finish the job (the plan) that nimrod began long ago... defy G-d... rebel against His laws and destroy His people... all in order to then be able to enslave all of mankind and impose an eternal tyrannical, despotic rule over a borderless, nationless world by these elite-slime families and orgs of the earth...

this should explain all the quixotic actions by shimon parasite and those of all the many traitors among our people inside the land of israel and without around the globe from time immemorial... nik. out...

Aryeh wrote:

why would they be aiding their own enemies...?

Just because someone is the enemy of the Jewish people or the American people does not mean that they are the enemy of Peres or O'Bama. 

bill writes:

Money Ueber alles! 

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