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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Echoes of Amona in Tsufim, this time under Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Barak is drunk with violence and blood, and Netanyahu conveniently hides behind his defense minister. NEVER AGAIN! Many have called for a Pulsa Denura: has the time come? Has the time come for a regime change?


 Eye-Witness Tzufim Resident Recalls Police Brutality, Tricks

Kislev 28, 5770, 15 December 09 11:01
by Gila Slonim, Tzufim Resident
( Tzufim is usually known to be a quiet community, less hard-core than most of the communities in the Shomron.
Today, however, and yesterday, we saw something at Tzufim that has never happened before.  As the Civil Administration came into the community they were greeted by barbed wire fencing, a human barrier and other obstacles.
They had come to administer stop-work orders for construction sites where building had commenced some time ago and foundations were laid. The work permits were shown to the inspectors but they were not prepared to listen. They had come for a battle and battle they did!

Photo: Gila Slonim
The violence meted out by the border police and the Yassam [police special forces] was horrifying. As they tried to remove the large trailer carrying the earthmoving vehicle they had confiscated, the protests were tremendous. However, it is very difficult to stand up to a vehicle of this size as it reverses into the crowd. This did not succeed so they tried to drive forward into the crowd. A fight ensued and then it was agreed to discuss the situation and and try to reach an agreement.
Meanwhile Chanukah candles were lit in a most uplifting way and peace reigned for a few short minutes.
The violence then began again as the border police and Yassam attacked men, women and children, and the truck drove into the crowd as the Border Police brutally removed people.
Amid great protest the truck left the community through a secondary exit.
This is a sad day for democracy, law and order! %ad%
If you see headlines about a border police woman being attacked – the facts are that she walked into a crowd of youths who were protesting. They yelled at her and she then began vomiting. NO ATTACKS or violence were directed at her!


Tsufim residents on Tuesday night accused authorities of cynically using the lighting of Chanuka candles in order to raise tensions with residents. Witnesses at the scene said that police officials announced a short time earlier that they would not impound building equipment, and instructing residents to go home and light Chanuka candles. Instead, the witnesses said, they stormed the town, with special Yasam forces beating several people, including the driver of a bulldozer the Civil Authority has been trying to impound for several hours.
Samaria Council Head Gershon Mesika said that the bulldozer had been working at an approved building site. The driver who was injured is being treated at the scene.

See also this Arutz7 article, with posted videos of some of the brutality:


SHmuel writes:

JEWS do not learn a thing or solve a thing when it comes to self defense and leadership selection.
EVERYONE knows that in the state budget monies are allocated to form shock military and paramilitary units, train the worst psychopaths and include them in those units, produce manuals for training and service for those units, hire expert staff to condition the said psychopaths, set up field facilities to train the beasts therein, assign commanders to those units not much different than the ones on record during WWII Germany, and send those units specially formed to assault Jews.
EVERYONE knows that yet no ONE questions any part of that process.
The repeated ghastly scenario has all the looks of what one would expect from a sector of people being affected by genetic defects  providing the base to form such bestial aggregations and to use them.  The importation of Arafat and many of his associates, all murderers was SOLELY to serve as the unJews monsters proxies.

Just as much, the genetic flaw sets real JEWS as passive victims, (aka "victims of peace", "painful sacrifices", and other such labels), in front of those black uniformed or otherwise garbed pieces of garbage.

Unless a real leadership is found and FREELY ELECTED and supported to enact a FREELY elected JEWISH JUDICIAL system replacing the present one, much worse will come to be.
The NEWLY elected JEWISH leadership must also raze the military and police command staff and carefully select normal humans to  serve there, if need be, import pros from overseas until a new officer core is trained here.

To stop both internal anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic hatred and the external support for those part of the unJews sector, as proven by the "donations" the unJews receive from foreign countries, is to have the NEW JUDICIAL and corresponding JEWISH field operatives take the required steps to neutralize the unJewish "special police", paramilitary and G SS forces.

Unless real democracy is established to the above ends of course more Amonas will occur as well as soon, "desaparecidos" will be reported.

DS asked:

What can WE do about it?

SHmuel replied:

Blogs and lists must call for the creation of a NEW GOVERNMENT system.
A call should go out to ask for willing participants on such gigantic undertaking. 
The Convention must not accept "majers" or meanderers looking for a table to "preside" over.
Initially a NEW JEWISH NATIONAL CONVENTION or ASSEMBLY must be called for by respected individuals.
Jews and friends with clear Torah Law - ERETZ ISRAEL identification may apply freely to participate at their own expense.
No representatives of the present or past regimes may be included, save those clearly not controlled by the present structures.
A stern screening process must be set in place to prevent agent provocateurs inclusions.  NO VIOLENT ELEMENTS may be allowed.
The minutes shall not be provided to the controlled "media" but to JEWISH media only. 
No"state" TV or radio allowed to the Convention.
Private security must be provided.

DS replies:


The present government is showing day after day its illegitimacy. Netanyahu and Barak have clearly USURPED THE THRONE, having been elected on one platform, but effecting its exact opposite.

This government is ILLEGITIMATE.
PLEASE JOIN THE CALL TO HAVE IT REPLACED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, by a new system. The old elections system obviously doesn't work, as we have witnessed time after time: we elect one kind of government, only to find out that another kind has taken its place. This is not democracy, this is FASCISM, as evidenced by the actions shown in the video above. 


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