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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taser Electric Shock Guns to Be Used in IDF - and you can already imagine WHOM they will be used against: why, YESHA JEWS, OF COURSE. Below:

Taser guns, stun guns, the IDF, and us.

Sent by Anonymous.

 I recommend that JEWS OF YESHA PURCHASE SIMILAR, but smaller units, called STUN GUNS, widely available in military stores, for self-defense - I just don't know whether they have the same capacity and effect as the ones soon to be used by the IDF.

And if by some miracle those taser guns are not intended for ILLEGAL USE AGAINST JEWS, owning a stun gun will be very useful against the foreign beasts sent by the PTB to do the dirty work.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Taser Electric Shock Gun to Be Used in IDF

IDF Spokesperson's Office 03 August 2009 , 23:45
The M-26 Taser non-lethal electric shock gun is expected to soon enter
service in the IDF

IDF elite units have recently been instructed on how to use the M-26 Taser
electric shock gun, and have been equipped with a couple of these guns for a
period of operational tests, at the end of which it will be decided whether
the device will enter service in the IDF. The M-26 Taser, which is a
non-lethal weapon, paralyzes a hostile person for a couple of seconds by
means of two electric arrows shooting over a range of a few meters, allowing
the IDF forces to gain control over the person without implementing violent
and dangerous resistance.

The shock gun, which does not cause permanent injuries to an attacker, is
intended to decrease the use of firearms during arrests while gaining
control over violent incidents, and thus reduce the loss of human life by
IDF soldiers. Later the shock gun will also be used by IDF soldiers guarding
security checkpoints and crossings in case of local threats and violent

When the two electric arrows of the shock gun, which are connected to the
magazine through a wire, hit the body, they release an electric charge which
relaxes the muscles of the person preventing him from reacting. If the
person has to be neutralized again, another electric charged can be released
by pulling the trigger again or the gun can be used as an immediate electric
shocker when approaching the person.

The M-26 Taser is produced by the American company Taser International, its
weight is approximately 500 gram. It is widely used by the US security
forces, and has been gaining popularity among security forces worldwide,
thanks to its operational success.



האמצעי הזה הוא בעיתי ,שימוש חוזר בו עלול להרוג את מי שזה לא פוגע.
היו טענות רבות על היות נשק זה -אל-הרג.
הנשק הזה מאד מקובל לאחרונה בידי משטרות.
לכל הנשקים במשפחת -אל-הרג NON-LETHAL, יש חסרונות ,שעלולים להפוך אותם להשק הורג.

SHmuel wrote:

I agree with every able Jewish person obtaining those weapons for self defense.
I also suggest "boleadoras" and other things able to provide significant, non firearm,
self defense alternatives.
Basically the romantic belief on "krav magah" is for the theater only.
The enemy must be neutralized way before "magah" of any kind is made by the beasts.
Nothing deliver a more eloquent "message " to a deranged psychopath than seeing
his own pack of hyenas dropping like ripe maggots into the dust.

How would the... mmmm... "idf" use the ones they have?
Lets see, I wonder... Nah, no need to wonder.
Of course the ones reported in the news clip below will be used against well, your
guess is as good as mine, and the ones you guess will be targeted must be prepared.

Regarding the difference between the items sold to us, mere mortals, and the ones
gotten by the beasts. In all probability the later would have stronger compressed fluid range,
larger electronic power supplies and voltage multipliers. The military versions would be of
higher power than those sold to the public. Naturally. (ve is da enemy ya see, LOL).
Yet... ingenuity is the mother of all improvements...

I ain't no doctor but it does not take much imagination to conclude that any person with
heart problems could be murdered that way, in particular anyone with
pacemakers or anyone with an history of blood dilution/stroke problems would also
be more at risk.

Otherwise lets all have fun in the Osloid demokracy hell pit.

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