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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Re: antivirals: And of course don't forget THIS OLD ONE!

However, pay attention to THIS:

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 benefit and side effects by Ray Sahelian, M.D. practical suggestions on used and review of oral, internal use

Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid with strong oxidizing properties and is a powerful bleaching agent that has found use as a disinfectant, as an oxidizer, and in rocketry and in bipropellant systems.


Medical Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

Drinking or injecting high-strength hydrogen peroxide products sold online to treat serious diseases such as AIDS can be extremely harmful. The "35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide" products are highly corrosive and ingesting them could cause stomach irritation and ulcers. Injecting the products intravenously could lead to blood vessel inflammation, bubbles in blood vessels and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. The FDA said it had not approved 35 percent hydrogen peroxide for any use. The agency sent warnings to two Texas-based firms, DFWX and Frad 35 Inc., in which the agency said the firms were illegally selling 35 percent hydrogen peroxide products to treat AIDS, cancer, emphysema and other serious diseases.


Hydrogen peroxide vapor for MSRA disinfection
Hydrogen peroxide vapor, in combination with decolonization of staff and patient carriers, successfully controlled an outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA on a surgical ward that had previously been MRSA-free.


Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide

Catalase is an antioxidant enzyme found in living organisms that changes hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is formed as a toxic waste product of metabolism. It must be quickly converted into other, less dangerous, chemicals. To manage this problem, the enzyme catalase is frequently used to rapidly catalyse the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into harmless oxygen and water.


Also, see:

I had not heard of food grade peroxide, but that is something worth looking into. It is apparently the product warned against in the above article. But for disinfecting, it seems like a good idea.

ALERT! READ THIS BEFORE USING! This regards 10% hydrogen peroxide:

But the 3% solution is great for disinfectant. I would NOT use it on a face mask, though, as it could dehydrate and become more concentrated, causing the above dangers.


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