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Monday, August 17, 2009

MEDICAL STATE OF EMERGENCY? Either this guy is totally ignorant, or he is being paid off .YES, CLEANINESS IN SCHOOLS HAS TO BE DEALT WITH, for sure; but what OTHER crazy measures would flow from this, I ask you?

Local Government Leader: Declare Swine-Flu Emergency

Reported: 20:28 PM - Aug/17/0.

( Chairman Shlomo Bouhbout of the Center for Local Government called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday to give localities and the health-care system additional funding to help educational facilities deal with the swine-flu epidemic. He also asked for the declaration of a medical state of emergency.

Following the distribution of information from the Education Ministry, in which hygiene was emphasized, Bouhbout said the additional funding was needed for improving cleanliness in schools and kindergardens. He said the instructions did not go far enough and that officials had to be ready for every eventuality.

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