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Sunday, August 16, 2009

.... And for all it's worth , take a look at this. Whether the specific claims have any basis, I don't know; but I DO know, from experience, that GEMS DO HAVE HEALING PROPERTIES. Not sure how it works.


The gems stressed for IMMUNE BOOSTING are


CITRINE ( a yellow form of quartz),




Not expensive gems at all.

Interestingly, two of those, Malachite and Turquoise, contain COPPER.

About copper and your health:


Aryeh asks:

What are you supposed to do with the gems?

DS replies;

If you ask me: LOOK AT THEM, and HOLD THEM in your hands.

Just looking at them, I felt an effect, specifically from the CITRINE: it gave my body a desire to fight, it strengthened me.

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