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Monday, August 17, 2009

PART OF THE SCAM: You can see that the Health Ministry is a partner in the deception orchestrated by the W.H.O. with help from the media ( NOT A7!), a very important part of their tools: CREATE HYSTERIA AND PANIC, so people will DEMAND the vaccines.

Health Ministry Confirms Swine Flu Death

Reported: 10:17 AM - Aug/17/09

( A 76 year old man with heart disease who was hospitalized with suspected Swine Flu passed away on Monday morning. Treating physicians at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tivkah were unable to determine with certainty if the cause of death was the flu.

The Health Ministry said the death's connection to the flu remained a likely explanation and, therefore, decided to consider the case another death due to the H1N1 virus.


from Moshe:

זה די סקנדל
שוחחתי עם פרופ' פנימאי והוא אמר לי , שהסטטיסטיקה משקרת ואין דיוק בסיבות המוות.
נראה לי שהדווח של 9 איננו נכון זה כנראה עומד על 5 או 6.
לא ניתן להוכיח דבר.
לפי מה ששמעתי בתקשורת דברי דייזי נכונים, לגבי מקרה זה

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