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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'd like to know how he comes up with these figures. I checked the records: I don't see anything of that sort: it sounds like pure fantasy to me - but I could be wrong. Should have a complete summary soon, B"H, have been working on the topic all day.

'700 People Will Die from H1N1 in Israel'

Reported: 12:21 PM - Aug/03/09

( Health Ministry Director General Avi Yisraeli estimated Monday in the Knesset that 700 people in Israel will die from the H1N1 flu in the coming winter. He also said that a quarter of the population would likely be infected by the disease.

Yisraeli said that Israeli hospitals currently face a shortage of 4,500 beds to deal with an H1N1 crisis. He said that hospitals would likely cut back on non-essential surgeries and after-birth hospital stays in order to free up beds.



these numbers are all lies to frighten people into taking the death-shots... nik

Aryeh wrote:

Forget about how he got this number. File this away for six months or so and then see what has actually happened. If in fact he was right, then he was right. If not, then it would be a public service to publicize the fact that he is a scaremonger and should be replaced.

bill wrote:

He meant from the vaccine!

DS replies; but of course! You are right. But I think that figure is too small.

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