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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good doctor: 14 year old girl dies in India ; she had taken Tamiflu . Doctor is not too impressed at this time. NO PANIC!!! No mention of vaccine.

In the same vein, most doctors in Israel do NOT think the vaccine is necessary.

( According to a Medical Media survey, 67 percent of doctors in Israel say an H1N1 vaccine is currently unnecessary. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already ordered the vaccine prepared for all Israeli citizens.

In addition, 39 percent thought resources for the H1N1 vaccine should be used for other medical needs. 28 percent said the H1N1 vaccine needs further testing before it should be used.

.... Incidentally, notice these 'small' details:....

1. As Peter Palese has written in (the) Wall Street Journal, “If this virulence marker is necessary for an influenza virus to become highly pathogenic in humans or in chickens, then the current swine virus doesn’t have what it takes to become a major killer.”

2.K-State Researcher, Collaborators Study Virulence of Pandemic H1N1 Virus; Work at K-State Would Protect Pig Industry If the Virus Jumps to Swine Populations

His work with outside collaborators is testing the virulence of pandemic H1N1 in animal models. In pigs, Richt and his fellow researchers found that pandemic H1N1 does infect pigs and transmits between the animals but is not fatal....

"Some pandemic flu isolates from humans have now shown resistance to the Tamiflu," Richt said. "So the big issue now is if these Tamiflu-resistant strains take over, we have no drug to treat infected patients...."

Juergen Richt is a Regents Distinguished Professor at K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine and is a Kansas Bioscience Authority Eminent Scholar. His work at K-State and with outside collaborators is revealing the characteristics of the pandemic H1N1 virus.

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