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Friday, August 7, 2009

Starting their young on a life of abominations, horror and torture; poor little baby girls, do they have ANY idea what awaits them? While boys are taught cruelty, VIOLATION OF BASIC HUMAN DECENCY at an early age... MONSTERS!

received from E.T.

And from Tamar, to be viewed on her blog:





מעשים מאד מקובלים באיראן ,ההשפעה האיראנית במקום גוברת

DS comments:

Over Shabbat, the video was removed for 'violations of term'; not just on this blog, on Tamar's blog too. Now let me ask you, WHO IS COMMITING A VIOLATION: THE PEOPLE WHO FILMED AND POSTED IT, OR THE PEOPLE WHO WERE FILMED EATING SNAKES ALIVE?? The video is violating human decency, and not the content? Not the people IN the video? I guess those savages don't want people to realize what subhuman, disgusting, repulsive creatures they are. But I had a chance to watch this movie, and it is absolutely disgusting: it is showing how Hezbollah 'trainees' eat snakes alive.

This is a clear violation of basic laws for humanity as expressed in the Torah: EVER MIN HACHAI, eating part of an animal while it is still alive. I didn't believe such things actually happened in real life, but now I have been proven wrong: our neighbors up north regularly practice that abomination.

This places them in a category all by themselves as NON-HUMAN. They act like wild animals, therefore they have left the human race and joined carnivores such as hyenas, cats, lions, panthers, etc. From now on they belong to the genus felines, not homo sapiens any longer.

And we know what we do when we find wild animals attacking humans; there is only one response possible.

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tickletik said...

who cares?

I think you're making a big deal out of nothing.

Here's the real big deal - the bastards are on OUR LAND. That's a big deal. The bastards are also firing rockets at us - that's another big deal. The bastards also have one of our holy brothers prisoner. That's the biggest deal of all.

As far as I'm concerned we should turn the place into rubble and throw the sons of bitches out. Let them swim to Egypt if they're so hot on being commandos. It will be good training for them. I insist on the rubble part by the way. I don't want us benefiting from these sons of bitches in any way, I hate them so much.

Whether they want to marry off their daughters to men three times their age means nothing to me. For all I care they can shoot themselves in the head. Again, it really has no meaning to me.

I don't subscribe to the idea that "civilized" customs leads to good behavior. The purpose of civilization is to be effective, not necessarily good. You, my dear Ashkenazi brothers (and sisters), have already learned that horrible lesson in 1940. I thank God that my family didn't have to go through such a nightmare.

In any case, if the Arabs want to live in the stone age, I actually applaud that decision.

In fact, I wish they would throw away all electrical appliances and stick to rakes and shovels instead of tractors and water pumps.