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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A comment about Dr. Laibow. I am willing to hear, specially since I totally agree with organic gardening. What interests me even more here are LEGAL AMENDMENTS: that is EXACTLY what needs to be done, not only with CODEX, but with WHO TREATIES too!

Anonymous said...

Dr Laibow is Jewish and is being attacked by people who hate Jews! You REALLY should look more into what she (and her husband who hates what is going on) are actually accomplishing. They have been actually stopping Codex Aliment. from going into some countries by attending UN meetings. They are training people from ALL over the World to plant organically and in ways for high yield with NON GMO and organic seeds. In addition to directly refute the ridiculous charges against Laibow and her husband: they are CONCENTRATING on legal amendments for Countries (which ALREADY are signed on to UN agreements which would ENFORCE Codex Ali.) which document the individual Country's Rules. This will NULLIFY the UN Codex Ali. Rules in each individual Country. It was a loophole in Codex Ali. which MUST be exploited by ALL Countries to PREVENT the horror of Codex Ali!!!! PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE HATERS, the UN, the cointelpro, and the multinational corps who are trying to stop the good that they are doing!!!! PLEASE SUPPORT them!!!

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