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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is a letter addressed to Professor Engelhard of the Ministry of Health. It will also be a petition; please sign too, specially if you are an MD, an RN, etc. Either they listen, or we do a Bagatz. LAWYERS WELCOME TOO!!


Professor Dan Engelhard
Head, Department of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein-Kerem
POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Fax: 02-6434579
Tel: 02-6778960, 050-7874040

Jerusalem, Nov. 4th, 2009

Dear Professor Engelhard,

A few days ago I spoke to you on the phone, and expressed my serious concerns to you regarding the decision of the Ministry of Health in Israel to administer Focetria and PandemRix, the two adjuvanted H1N1 vaccines respectively from Novartis and GSK, to the unsuspecting population of Israel.

I reminded you of the squalene and polysorbate 80 contained in these vaccines,  and about the dangers of auto-immune reactions, neurotoxicity, and infertility that these vaccines present. You responded to me that you were well aware of the dangers involved, but that you and your panel of physicians , specialists in their respective fields, had decided that benefits outweigh the risks, based on worldwide mortality statistics due to the H1N1 virus.

Professor Engelhard, please let me remind you of the following facts ( I have included one or two references for each topic, but there are many, many more, some peer- reviewed, some not. Time is of the essence and unfortunately I do not have time to include them all at present).

Main points:

1.The statistics presented by the CDC and other monitoring bodies are severely distorted: the proven number of deaths due to the actual H1N1 virus is much smaller than previously reported: most cases were of patients who died of underlying, concomitant conditions, yet were labeled as H1N1 related deaths. Furthermore, a large number of so-called H1N1 cases were never actually proven to be such, cases counted even including phone calls made to doctors by patients worried they might have the H1N1 virus.

2. H1N1 is a mild influenza virus, much milder even than regular, yearly seasonal influenza. The number of deaths is relatively small, compared to yearly influenza mortality rates.

3. The Southern Hemisphere winter season passed without any major catastrophe. The flu season already peaked in the USA.

4. There IS vaccine available that does not contain either adjuvant or thimerosal. That vaccine is being used on 250,000 German soldiers.

5. Squalene is highly neurotoxic and causes severe auto-immune reactions, even deaths.

6. The concentration of squalene in both Focetria and PandemRix is between half a million to a million times higher than the squalene contained in the anthrax vaccine administered to US soldiers in 1991, which was seriously implicated in the Gulf War Syndrome, and from which hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffered terribly, and many thousands died.

Ongoing administration of unlisted vaccines in the US military caused severe reactions and even deaths in thousands of people. The IDF also recently participated in illegal anthrax vaccine experiments on 716 unsuspecting Israeli soldiers ; administration of toxic substances by the US and Israeli government is nothing new.

7. The unnecessary H1N1 vaccination campaign of 1976 caused many cases of Guillain-Barre, some of them permanent. Just as today, people were not informed of the potential dangers involved in taking these highly toxic substances.

8.Pandemrix has barely been tested on children at all, and has been banned from use in Switzerland below the age of 18, because of lack of clinical data.

9. The only studies done with Focetria, containing the MARKETABLE PRODUCT, were on a total of 132 people.


10. The combination of squalene and polysorbate 80 in a buffered solution has been shown to be an excellent anti-fertility combination, in anti-fertility research performed by scientists for the W.H.O., who were assigned the job of developing anti-fertility vaccines to reduce world population. Giving these vaccines to our young population is tantamount to sterilizing them.

(Fertility Impairing Vaccine And Methods of Use' This application claims the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/070,375, filed January 2,1998, U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/071,406, filed January 15,1998).

11. Giving these vaccines to our population  is equivalent to using them as guinea pigs for the rest of Europe, the world, and specially for pharmaceutical companies, as they have not yet been properly tested in children or adults in other countries.

See reference , article #8.

12. Because of the recombinant nature of the H1N1 antigen used in the manufacture of these vaccines, there is significant risk that the vaccine itself will lead to a much more serious pandemic, by reassorting itself with other viruses in the community.

I understand that, in accordance with W.H.O. directives, and with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's agreement, the goal of the Ministry of Health is to inject the WHOLE POPULATION OF ISRAEL WITH THESE DEADLY VACCINES by December 31st.

I urge you to cancel the decision to use PandemRix in our children ages 3-10, and desist as well from using Focetria in the rest of our population. The orders of the Ministry of Health significantly and unnecessarily endanger our whole population; the current risk of H1N1 pandemic clearly does not warrant such a step at this time. And even if there was a real need for a vaccine, using an adjuvanted vaccine that contains thimerosal is totally unwarranted and contraindicated.

Yours sincerely,

Daisy, J. Stern, MD
Family and Preventive Medicine.

USA and Israel.


Mor said...

Thank you Daisy, for this!
Just in time for our preparation of the backlash campaign here in Israel.
I'm transalting and publishing in Hebrew right away, also sending to friends in the media.

Mor Sagmon
"Hasson", The Israeli Vaccine Information Center

Anonymous said...

Jewish Friends,

anyone who prays at the western wall, built by the wicked murdering psychopathic edomite usurper Herod, is making common cause with death and mayhem and can only expect deliberately engineered plagues by the medical profession against the israeli population. that was the tactic of herod, who murdered his own wives and sons and thousands of others.

if you pray at the Kotel then you inherit the demonic spirits of its wicked architect herod!

how can you expect God's blessings and protection when you revere the wicked usurper herod and hate the holy true son of David and Son of God, Jesus Christ???

Michael Korn

DS said...

In response to Michael Korn:

Yes, you are right, Herod was a murderer; do you know that entire chapters of the Talmud vilify Herod for being the horrible creature that he was?

During the First Jewish Revolt of 69 AD, the Zealots broke into his tomb at Herodion, and smashed his sarcophagus to bits; such was the hatred of the Jewish people towards Herod.

Where did you get this bizarre idea that Jews worship Herod and pray to him? Of course not; your understanding is completely false. We do not pray to the wall, of course, we pray there because, unfortunately, due to the hatred of the nations and of Rome, and to the cowardice and outright sellout of our government, we are unable, not even permitted to, pray at Har Habayit, the site of our Holy Temple. When Hashem frees us from all our enemies, G-d willing very soon, we will be able to worship, as we have wished for 2000 years,on our holiest site, the TEMPLE MOUNT.

Until then, we have no choice but to get as close as we can to our beloved Kodesh Hakedoshim, Holy of Holies.

As for your last paragraph, I will not even relate to it, it is so ludicrous it does not deserve a response.

Unfortunately today, the only place on earth where you can walk safely without having to worry about being exterminated by poison is , as always, in ROME, in the VATICAN,( if you happen to be in the good graces of the people who pull the strings).

Good luck to you wherever you live. What makes you think YOU will be spared the jab?



Anonymous said...

An exchange between a Jewish convert to Christianity (JCC) and a Christian convert to Judaism (CCJ) about Jerusalem's Western Wall - 1

An exchange between a Jewish convert to Christianity (JCC) and a Christian convert to Judaism (CCJ) about Jerusalem's Western Wall:

1. JCC:

Dear Gavriel,

a question i have posed to many rabbis:

since becoming a Christian i have learned much more about the history of the Bayit Sheni period. Herod was a very ruthless and evil king. He murdered his own wives and children, along with many other people. he also was an edomite who stole the kingship from the line of David.

doesn't that make it kind of absurd to venerate the Kotel which was built by Herod? can a wicked man build a place of holiness?


2. CCJ:

My thoughts on this -

1 - The place was already holy as it contained the Holy Ark, above which dwelt the Shechinah. .

2 - Herod didn't build the Temple; he expanded what was there. Otherwise, it would have been the Third Temple. It wasn't.

3 - It's not the wall itself that is venerated. It is what it represents as an accessible physical vestige of what was.

And as to Herod's character, Hashem uses the wicked to accomplish His own ends. He is Echad ushmo Echad.

Blessings - G

3. JCC:

many theologians consider Herod's Temple indeed to have been the Third Temple.

it seems to me that the Kotel represents blood: the bloodshed and psychopathy of Herod and the blood of Jesus who was condemned by the Sanhedrin seated on the Temple mount.

the Kotel is for me the most savage and ruthless symbol on earth, and i am glad that God opened my eyes and rescued me from "venerating" such an evil place.

the choice is clear: the true Son of David who said: In the future they will worship God neither in the Temple in Jerusalem nor in Samaria, but in spirit or in truth; or

the false usurping edomite murderer.

this more than anything else shows that Judaism actually is the "faith" of Esau/Edom, while Christianity is the true faith of the the Patriarchs and of God's Promised People.

4. CCJ:


I actually think you are a sick and suffering soul. Notice how how quickly you switch from simple dialog to attack. I can't be the first to point this out to you. You don't like the answer so you go on the offensive.

Remember: you worship a man as G-d. That's idolatry any way you cut it. That's not the faith of our father Abraham. I urge you to look at the deeper reasons you made this move - and take your meds.

Your instability is showing.

Praying for your restoration to Hashem.