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Friday, November 6, 2009

There is no money for life of the Jewish people....BECAUSE ALL THE MONEY IS BEING TARGETED TOWARDS DEATH: Why waste money building, when at the same time you plan destruction?!

Netanyahu held dozens of meetings before purchasing the swine flu immunizations and also led the government in an across-the-board budget cut of NIS 2 billion, about a quarter of which has been allocated to cover the costs of the seasonal and swine flu immunizations.

Simple math: 500 million shekels to administer poison to the population, taken from essential life functions such as schools. Why bother with schools when you plan to kill and maim the kids, heh???

Ariel Mayor: Yesha Victim of Israeli Targetted Killing

Cheshvan 19, 5770, 06 November 09 01:04
( Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel said Thursday expressed the outrage he said leaders of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaraifelt over this week's political dialog on diplomatic talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Interviewed by Arutz Sheva, he said he hopes the notion of "building restraint" disappears.
He added, "Prime Minister "Binyamin Netanyahu is executing a targetted killing on us. Even during the administration of [Ehud] Olmert, we got grants of 22 million shekels a year and during Netanyahu, they only come to 15 million. Those who live in the communities despair when they see there's no construction. But it's not just that there's no building. There's a blow at our life. The government lowered all the grants and discounts. Today there are no discounts for kindergartens, there are no incentives, there's no education."

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