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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hope Ran Nachman means what he says, and I hope other mayors follow suit. THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL FULLY COLLABORATES WITH THE MAFIA RULING THE WORLD; despicable!

Ariel Mayor: I Won't Enforce Building Freeze

Kislev 12, 5770, 29 November 09 12:56by David Lev(

Ariel Mayor Ran Nachman on Saturday night called on mayors of cities in Judea and Samaria to cut off all ties with the Defense Ministry in protest over the decision to impose a building freeze in Judea and Samaria – and, he says, he has no plans to enforce the freeze.

"Is this freeze so important that they had to distribute the orders banning construction on Friday afternoon, right before Shabbat?," Nachman asked rhetorically. Speaking to Arutz 7, Nachman said that "when the Defense Ministry called me on Friday afternoon, I thought that a war had broken out. I do not intend to remain silent in light of the humiliation and shame that the mayors of towns in Judea and Samaria have been put through. I plan to petition the High Court over the despicable way the authorities chose to distribute these orders, without giving us the right to respond, without listening to us, summarily taking away our rights.
"The Defense Minister, without feeling or intelligence, ran roughshod over our rights," continued Nachman. "He thinks he is still leading an IDF intelligence unit and that we are the enemy. Because they took away my authority as mayor to authorize projects in my jurisdiction, I hereby give up my authority to enforce these orders. If anyone violates this building freeze in my jurisdiction I will not act against them. If the Civil Administration wants to handle it, they are welcome to. I am out of the picture," Nachman added.


Elkanah Mayor: Take Those Freeze Orders and Shred Them

Kislev 12, 5770, 29 November 09 11:20(

Elkanah local authority chairman Tsadok Zahory joined a growing list of mayors in Judea and Samaria who has refused to accept orders handed down by the Defense Ministry putting the government's building freeze in Judea and Samaria into effect. Zahory told an IDF officer who came to his office to submit the orders that he was not interested in receiving them, and when she asked what she should do with them, Zahory answered "there is a great shredding machine outside my office. You may take the orders and shred them, if you wish."

On Friday, Beit El mayor Moshe Rosenbaum ripped up the orders that were submitted to him. On Saturday night, Ariel mayor Ron Nachman said he would not enforce the ban on building. " If anyone violates this building freeze in my jurisdiction I will not act against them. If the Civil Administration wants to handle it, they are welcome to. I am out of the picture," Nachman said.


Barak: Emergency Hiring of Building Inspectors

Kislev 12, 5770, 29 November 09 12:04(

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has put out an emergency call for building inspectors to be hired in order to enforce the government's building freeze in Judea and Samaria. Barak ordered Ministry officials to hire 40 inspectors to ensure that no building takes place in the affected areas. The new inspectors will be trained and on the job within two weeks.

Currently there are only 14 inspectors working in Judea and Samaria. Barak's office said that the inspectors would work in tandem with police, border police, and the civil administration, under the general responsibility of the IDF.


Activist: We Can Bypass Construction Freeze:

Don't Build, Buy!

Kislev 12, 5770, 29 November 09 12:26by Malkah Fleisher(

Israel Lands Fund activist Aryeh King is calling on Jews to circumvent the "discriminatory" 10-month ban on construction imposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Jewish building in Judea and Samaria .

"I call on Jews who hesitate to build in order not to be put under the microscopes of the inspectors, to buy homes of Arabs," suggested King. "I'm talking about thousands of buildings and luxury residential homes and houses scattered in throughout Judea and Samaria… that the inspectors could not prevent. The Defense Minister could prevent the purchase permit, but if you work by the book and buy homes, then it will be difficult to fight us. I call on people to continue to buy houses in order to escape the eyes of the anti-Jewish unit."

King condemned recent statements made by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz that there is a shortage of building inspectors available to ensure the Jews of Judea and Samaria do not build.
"Menachem Mazuz exposed the grim picture of the illegal building of Arabs in Judea and Samaria, in Jerusalem, as well as Bedouin building in the Negev," said King. "To illustrate the discrimination, it should be noted that there are currently 3,000 building offenses carried out by Judean and Samarian Jews being investigated by 16 inspectors from the special anti-Jewish unit of the civil administration whose goal is to catch Jews. Juxtapose that to [Arab] eastern Jerusalem, in which 26,000 building violations are being investigated by just 6 inspectors from the Jerusalem municipality. In the Galilee, 18,000 building violations are being investigated by just 8 inspectors."

Regarding inspectors who have been trained specifically to catch Jews, King said, "These are quality folks that were put on to the task of nabbing Jews in illegal development inside blue lines and open areas – they're not going into Areas B and C in the event of illegal Arab construction."

King also decried the relentless persecution of Jews who conduct illegal building, and said Jews are specifically targeted, as juxtaposed to Arabs who are sometimes not administered over at all.

"Menachem Mazuz is right about the shortage of inspectors, but I suggest he first compare the situation to that which prevails in eastern Jerusalem. The Jerusalem municipality and the Interior Ministry are supposed to halt the illegal building in Jerusalem, and there are whole neighborhoods they won't even go into." King referred to the Arab neighborhoods of Qalandia and Shuafat, in which he said he personally submitted requests for building investigations to the authorities, but received no "appropriate response.
King also accused inspectors of intensifying their conduct toward Jews for political motives. "The inspection unit of the Ministry of Defense was instructed to worsen and increase their enforcement against Jews, prompted by Defense Minister [Ehud] Barak, seemingly to strengthen the Labor Party [of which Barak is a member]."


Kislev 12, 5770, 11/29/2009

Protest or Posturing? Are There Any YESHA Leaders?

I'd say that we've been had, bamboozled, conned!

Rebellion From The Ranks? Or Just Posturing?

I'm one of the simple citizens, Israeli citizens disgusted but not really surprised that our Prime Minister, the Likud's Benjamin Netanyahu has buckled under "foreign pressure," and declared a new White Paper forbidding Jewish growth in the Land of Israel.

What irony that Bibi sent Benny Begin off to defend it. Begin son of Menachem sounded just like his father, and I trust him even less. I remember Menachem Begin's claim that his giving the Sinai to Egypt would guarantee Israel's eternal possession of Judea and Samaria.
As compensation for the destruction of Jewish communities in the Sinai many communities were rebuilt with international guarantees in Gush Katif, and we all know what happened to them.

And yes, those two unprecedented massive destructions were under the rule/administration of the Likud. Yes, only the Likud can do it. Israel's Loony Left Defense Minister Ehud Barak sent out official orders forbidding future building right before Shabbat.

Ariel's Mayor Ron Nachman condemned it and claims that he will ignore them. Beit El's Mayor Moshe Rosenbaum ripped up the orders he received. Efrat has suffered from building hold-ups for eight years already.
How ironic, since Efrat, as the largest community of Gush Etzion, has always marketed itself as "not a settlement," being in the "Israeli consensus" to always be in Israel. It's about time that residents of Gush Etzion take a good look and good listen and admit that those who object to my being in Shiloh don't see their addresses as any more acceptable. They should unite with us and proudly say that they, too, are "settlers."
Nadia and Ruth Matar's Women in Green (or was it Moetzet YESHA?) had a great slogan in its early years:
YESHA ze kahn! YESHA is here!

I attended their demonstrations all over the Jerusalem area to show the old defunct "green line." Most Israelis have no idea where it was. Remember that the Six Days War was in 1967; that's forty-two and a half years ago. Even Israelis in their mid-forties who grew up in Jerusalem can't remember what it was like before we liberated our Land. They can't imagine Jerusalem without Ramat Eshkol, French Hill, Ramot, Giloh etc.

Barak used that dangerous term to describe the decision, "unilateral."

Barak, meanwhile, said at a closed meeting at his ministry in Tel Aviv, "We are talking about a unilateral step, at the government's initiative, which has been coordinated with the United States, with the intention of advancing the diplomatic process with the Palestinians."

That means that we get nothing for it. And Israel has tried that method with one consistent result every time. It has only made things worse, more terrorism and more death and destruction for Israelis.

Binyamin Netanyahu and family may be occupying the Prime Minster's Residence, but our government's policies are from Ehud Barak, whose Labor Party received very few votes. I'd say that we've been had, bamboozled, conned!

Now, it's very "photo op" that Moshe Rosenbaum and Ron Nachman have made their little protests. What's next?

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Shiloh said...

We had better wake up real quick. Either G-d is with us, or we need to pack our bags and start swimming. It is insane that even the 'religious' faithless shephards don't actually believe in the Torah or haShem. They say to pray, well, guess what, haShem never acts without us acting too. The lies just continue.